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Joe Faust,      -     

SLAC Electrical Engineer, Photographer

Joe Faust, 2002 (IMG_2885a_crop)

Professional and Biographical Information

  • Electrical Engineer, came to SLAC Light Electronics Group in 1962 from Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
  • Responsible for the accelerator trigger system
  • Photography career began as a hobby
  • Became SLAC's Technical Photographer in 1978
  • Retired in 1988: see SLAC Beam Line, September 1988, page 16

Events and Photos

Bill Kirk wrote of Joe Faust (SLAC Beam Line, January 1977): "..We don't know how Joe manages to take care of the Beam Line's photographic needs while also carrying out his full-time duties as an electronics engineer at SLAC. But we do know that in both technical quality and composition Joe's photographs of people, places and things for the Beam Line have been consistently superb."

Below is a small sample of the 900+ photographs that Joe Faust has taken of SLAC science, facilities, and staff.

         Burton Richter and Sam Ting 1984 (arc545_1)                  Ernie Moss (FB508.8)                  Kevin Monahan, 1977. (FB504.11)

Left to right: Burton Richter and Sam Ting, at SLAC, November 14, 1984 (arc545_1); Ernie Moss in SSRP electrical shop (BR508.8); Kevin Monahan with SSRP monochromator, 1977 (FB504.11)

Marty Breidenbach 1989 (590.3)                  Rees, Panofsky, Hodel 1983 (arc747)                  Jim Phillips 1977 (FB513.5)

Left to right: Marty Breidenbach at the SLD 1989 (590.3); John Rees, Pief Panofsky and US Secretary of Energy Donald Hodel, 1983 (arc747) ; Jim Phillips at SSRP X-Ray diffraction equipment 1977 (FB513.5)

                 W. K. H. Panofsky  1984 (wkh113)                  Burton Richter 1984 (arc544)

Left to right: W. K. H. "Pief" Panofsky, 1984 (wkh113); Burton Richter, SLAC's 2nd Director, 1984 (arc544)

Stanford Band 1983 (arc742)                  David Hitlin and BaBar Detector 1999 (FC0643A-1)                  Axel Golde 1977 (FB109.11)

Left to right: Stanford Band at SLC groundbreaking, 1983 (arc742); David Hitlin and BaBar Detector 1999 (FC0643A-1); Axel Golde of SSRP, 1977 (FB109.11)

Archival Materials

Joe Faust materials held by the SLAC Archives, History & Records Office are primarily photographs described in the SALLIE image repository. Descriptions (and some thumbnails) of the over 900 photographs he took of and for SLAC can be accessed there.


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