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John R. Ehrman, 1935-2018

SLAC Computing Services, User Services Manager

John Ehrman, by Diana Rogers, 

Memorial Website

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Professional and Biographical Information

  • University of Illinois, Ph.D. in physics, 1963
  • SLAC computing, 1966 to 1983
  • SHARE Users Group: Member (1964-2016), Fortran project leader, and Board of Directors (1972-1974)
  • IBM, 1983-2016
  • Author profile in inSPIRE
  • John Ehrman Leaves SLAC. SLAC Beam Line, Vol. 14, No. 5, May 1983.

Technical Publications

  • System/360 and assembler language programming. John R. Ehrman. 1971
  • WYLBUR Tutorial. John R. Ehrman. SLAC-SCIP-USER-NOTE-078
  • 'logical' Arithmetic On Computers With Two's Complement Binary Arithmetic. John R. Ehrman. Commun.ACM 11 (1968) 517-520, Erratum: Commun.ACM 13 (1970) 697-698 SLAC-PUB-0302 DOI:10.1145/363397.363562
  • Divisors of Certain Mersenne Numbers. John R. Ehrman. Math.Comput. 21 (1967) 700-704 SLAC-REPRINT-1967-006 DOI:10.1090/S0025-5718-1967-0223320-1
  • For further publications, search inSPIRE and Google Scholar

Archival Materials

  • John Ehrman papers held by the SLAC Archives, History & Records Office are currently being processed, and are not yet open for research. SLAC staff may access descriptions of his papers by clicking this link and entering his last name in the search box at the upper right on that page.
  • Archived photographs of John Ehrman may be accessed from the SLAC catalog in the SALLIE repository
  • The John R. Ehrman collection and related materials are also held by the Computer History Museum.
John Ehrman, SLAC Farewell, 1983 (arc05006) John Ehrman with his "Memorial Tree", SLAC Farewell Reception, 1983 (arc05011) WYLBUR Tutorial cover

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