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A story from Mike Woods:

I only had a few physics interactions with Sid, most notably for determining the sign of an asymmetry in Compton scattering and understanding sign conventions for left and right polarization and spin in optics and particle physics.

For many years I had the pleasure to interact with Sid and Burt Richter for SLAC's Annual Theory vs Experiment Softball Game. I'd enjoy visiting their offices to determine what dates they'd be available so we could decide when to schedule it. Begun in the 1950s as a Faculty versus Students game on the Stanford campus, Sid and Burt brought this tradition to SLAC and respectively led Theory and Experiment teams to compete for bragging rights in the Research Division.

With superior numbers and statistics, Experiment prevailed far more often than Theory. The 1st Theory win was in 1974, year of the November revolution. Their 2nd win came in 1982 and their final win was in 2003. Then in 2007, the competing Experiment and Theory teams merged to become the Research team which now competes against a new Accelerator team -- and we now have lab-wide participation in SLAC's Annual Softball Game.

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