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Archives, History & Records Office

Hours: By appointment Monday-Friday during regular work hours.


Archives E-mail: slacarc[@]
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Phone: (650)926-3091
Post: SLAC Archives and History Office, M/S 82, 2575 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025.

Office Location: Bldg.50, Rm.122

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A story from Jim Hoagland:

Being in Sid Drell's presence was to take a master class in the meaning of character and essence. Sid believed passionately in ideas, in science, and in human dignity. I came to know Sid through George Shultz, and once wrote about them being the ultimate Odd Couple in outward style. You always knew what Sid was thinking---he would tell you at the drop of a hat---but you frequently have no idea of what George thinks at any given moment, you only know that he is thinking, and deeply. Their lasting bond is basing their approach to everything on bedrock integrity.

And to sit with Sid and Harriet was to be with the Perfect Couple, to engage on and explore music, literature, human endeavor and human foolishness of every sort. You also came to understand their love of their most tightly knit of families. I frequently thought that Sid was wise to marry this Southern woman, a true steel magnolia, whose intellectual heritage would include a taste for a strong-willed mate who would be passionate about all his causes, even extremely difficult ones.

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