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Last Updated: 08/26/2020

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Post: SLAC Archives and History Office, M/S 82, 2575 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025.

Office Location: Bldg.50, Rm.122

Burton Richter Story

My story about Burt is...
When I fist became DG of KEK , Burt just took over the DG position of SLAC after Panofsky.
Burt and I worked together towards the construction of B-factory occasionally competing and occasionally collaborating.
Burt and I shared a common passion on the linear collider and worked closely together.
When I told Burt about the long base line neutrino beam, he showed strong interest and he offered some SLAC dipole magnets to be used in KEK. It was very helpful.
Burt and I worked together in many committees including ICFA, US-Japan Committee for High Energy Physics, Subcommittee of UNESCO on large facility, FULC for ILC, etc..
There are many, many photos but I attach just one ....

Hirotaka Sugawara

Burton Richter and
Hirotaka Sugawara with group at KEK, Japan