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A story from Andrew Mark Crabtree

I first met Pief while I was a research tech at the Mark IV laboratory on campus, also as an engineering student at Stanford. After graduating, I continued on at the Microwave Lab and transferred into "Project M" and SLAC, where I remained until after the construction was completed. My story is:

I was very privileged to be a student in the last class in Freshman Physics that Pief taught at Stanford. He loved his subject so much that you couldn't help but get excited about it yourself. His enthusiasm was so great that on one occasion he jumped up on the long counter at the front of the auditorium and strode up and down as he lectured to his class.

It was while I was working at the Microwave Laboratory that I was became one of the early members of the "Project M" team. I still recall the bi-weekly meeting he would have in order to review the progress of what was going on in order to keep everyone up to date on the progress that was being made.

- Andrew Mark Crabtree
BSIE 1959

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