SPEAR Operations

Training Sessions

10/20/03 rev-3

The schedule of talks listed below have a machine operations focus and are intended for operators, physicists and support personnel who will participate in SPEAR3 commissioning and operation. The talks are video taped and stored in the control room along with any pertinent hardcopies for future reference.

Date Speaker Topic
7/24 R. Yotam / D. Keeley Orbit Interlock and Verification
7/31 J. Tanabe Magnets
8/07 J. Corbett Operational Aspects of the SPEAR3 Accelerator
8/14 H. Rarback Control System Architecture
8/21 P. Bellomo/M. Widmeyer AC Distribution System and Magnet Power Supplies
8/22 R. Yotam Stoppers, Current Interlock and Faraday Cup ? PR1 Intlk
8/28 J. Safranek 3 GeV Injector and BTS Operation
9/04 C. Pappas / J. Sebek Kicker Operations, Kicker Overview
9/12 J. Sebek / S. Allison DCCT Overview, DCCT Data Acquisition
9/18 R. Hettel Timing System
9/26 C. Wermelskirchen Power Supply Control
10/23 J. Liu The BAS for SPEAR3
10/30 T. Rabedeau Beam Lines
11/06 S. Park / S. Allison RF System, RF EPICS Interface
11/13 N. Kurita / J. Langton Vacuum / TSP's
11/20 J. Corbett / A. Terebilo MATLAB Applications - Basics
11/21 F. Rafael Booster Kicker Upgrade, Operation Manual
11/21 H. Rarback EDM Displays
11/24 J. Corbett / A. Terebilo MATLAB Applications - Setup and Scripts
12/04 (10:00) J. Corbett / A. Terebilo MATLAB Applications

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