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Les Cottrell. Created July 2001. Last updated: July 24, 2001

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In January 2001, I was invited and accepted to be a lecturer/faculty at the 2001 International Nathiagali Summer College in Pakistan. The other lecturers were Prof. Paul Avery from Florida State Univeristy, Dr. Julian Bunn from Caltech, Dr. Olivier Martin from CERN, and Prof. Harvey Newman from Caltech. General information for the delegates was made available.

I cleared my trip with the State Department through the DoE, and received various traveller alerts.


The following files of photographs are available:
Julian BunnNathiagali
Les CottrellKarachi
Les CottrellKhyber Pass
Les CottrellNathiagali


The lecture transparencies are available. I gave lectures on:
Lecture numberTitle
1How TCP/IP works
2How the Internet is Performing
3The Internet and Security
4Network Measurements
5aHigh Performance Throughput
5bVoice over IP

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