Polarized Photocathode Research Collaboration

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Advance photocathode performance to the next level through intense research into the fundamental properties of semiconductor photocathodes, refinement of current designs and exploration of new, radical materials.

Technical division: Jym Clendenin, Axel Brachmann and Katerina Ioakeimidi
Research division: Ed Garwin, Bob Kirby, Takashi Maruyama and Charlie Prescott
U.of Wisconsin: Richard Prepost

CharlieFest Photos

Retirement of Charles Prescott was celebrated at SLAC on 27 January 2006. Photos taken by Diana Rogers at the event are posted at http://www-project.slac.stanford.edu/slacpix/index.htm . In the contents panel on the far left, click on Special Events>2006 >CharlieFest!


Year End Summary

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Results from Atomic Hydrogen Cleaning (SLAC only)

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