Importing  Solid Edge (version 5 or 6) parts into Teksoft 3D

1) Save part in Solid Edge (as a normal Solid Edge part file, extension .par)

2) Open the Solid Edge IGES translation program, Setrans.exe.

   wpe1.gif (1226 bytes)

3) Click the Export to IGES button.

wpe2.gif (5755 bytes)

4) Locate the Solid Edge part saved in step (1), and select the

Export as IGES Surfaces

    option.  Note or change the Sub-directory for exported IGES files setting.

5) Click the Process button.

The IGES file now resides in the directory that was listed in the box labeled     Sub-directory for exported IGES files which is in the directory where the part file is stored.

6) The IGES file may be FTPed to the machine where TekSoft is located; or it may be placed in a directory that is accessible from both machines, e.g., \\MDALPHA1\PublicShare. Follow the directions below to access PublicShare.

   i) Log in to NT using a SLAC domain account

   ii) Map Network Drive

   This may be performed by:
   a) Right-click on 'My Computer' and select 'Explore'
   b) From the 'Tools' Menu select 'Map Network Drive...'
   c) Find the 'MDCAD' workgroup and double click to
      expand (if not already expanded)
   d) Find the 'MDALPHA1' selection and double click to
      expand (if not already expanded)
   e) Find the 'PublicShare' folder and double click to
      add this folder to the Desktop (as a new disk).

Opening the IGES file in TekSoft

7) Open TekSoft 3D

8) Select the


9) Select the IGES file type.

10) Find the IGES file, either on the 'PublicShare' disk or local disk if the file has been copied to a local disk.

11) Click on the Open button

12) Hit the 'return' key twice to start the translation.

If any errors occur during the translation a dialog will appear stating so.  The errors are reported in a
file created in the same directory where the IGES file is located.  The .rpt file is a text file.