LCLS Controls Oracle Maintenance Scheduling and Test plans


Known Controls Oracle database patching and maintenance schedule:

KNOWN outages:

-         Machine reboot for OS patching: SLACPROD


Security patches (approximate schedule):


SCCS’s security patch procedure description:


Account password changes and policy:




Controls Oracle overview - diagram



Database schemas, applications and instances relevant to LCLS operation – table view



PROD Instance


DEV Instance


control system name and value server, used for matlab apps, SCORE, etc.





save restore app, and APEX maintenance




LCLS Infrastructure

device list, model database, APEX web reporting





currently booted PV list, feeds AIDA names list, IOC Info report





Remedy problem reporting




SLC database

SLC signals used for LCLS







SCCS Oracle maintenance

SCCS database administration needs to apply periodic updates and patches to all Oracle instances at SLAC.  We will attempt to negotiate the timing of the updates to jive with the LCLS operations calendar, and send out timely information.  When possible!  Other groups also use the SLAC Oracle instances, and their schedules must be taken into account as well. 


As is the case for all computer systems, sometimes emergency maintenance is necessary.  Email alerts will be sent as soon as we hear of any of these.




sccs outage calendar:




SCCS database page:


Update and patch procedure:

This is the order of events for each update and patch, as much as possible:

  1. SCCS does the Oracle upgrade/patch operation to the SLACDEV instance first. 
  2. All the application users/developers test on SLACDEV, and any problems with the upgrade/patch can be resolved.
  3. Once the green light is given, SCCS does the upgrade/patch on SLACPROD 4. For those applications that are present on SLACPROD, users/developers test again.
  4. Finally, SCCS operates on MCCO and
  5. Of course, a final round of testing.



Test Plans:

·        Each Oracle application has its own test plan.

·        The user/owner will execute their test plan following each update or patch, first on Development, then on Production (see Update and Patch procedure above.)


SCORE Application, and APEX application (Debbie/Partha)

The SCORE application has an existing testplan on Sharepoint: 

LCLS Document Storage → 01 - LCLS Systems → Electron Beam Systems → Controls → SaveRestore → SCORE Mini Test Plan.doc


The SCORE APEX application has an existing testplan on Sharepoint:

LCLS Document Storage → 01 - LCLS Systems → Electron Beam Systems → Controls → SaveRestore → SCORE APEX Application Mini Test Plan.doc

(Since the APEX mini test plan hasn't been done in quite a while, the first time through this, I may have to update that one to point to more relevant files, etc)


AIDA (Greg/Bob Hall)

Per AIDA. Yes, I have a test setup for AIDA. Depending on the change that has been made, I exercise different parts of it. Bob I believe also has a comprehensive test for AIDA, so if we were asked to formalize this, we'd base the unit testing on his script, which thoroughly exercises the AIDA unit tests.


For this DB patch, I did the following.


1) Bring up cmlogviewer on production, to monitor messages

2) Exercise basic operations - Ran the basic AIDA unit test for the Test server in each AIDA network (dev and prod)

3) Exercise all peers. If 2) was successful, ran at least 1 unit test on each AIDA peer (both VMS peers, and each unix peer). In fact I did more than 1, but that's really overkill for a DB test.

4) Exercised AIDAWEB

5) Exercised command prompt aidaget, aidalist

6) Exercised matlab aidaget, aidalist


IRMIS (Judy)

The day after the update (i.e. the first crawl following the update):

  1. Check the daily e-mails thoroughly.
  2. Check IOC report:
  3. Check IOC Info web page: https://seal/IRMISQueries/
  4. Run some queries with the IRMIS gui.


Model database (Greg)

For the model_database, I just checked correct operation of APEX reporting.

This should include upload.


LCLS Infrastructure and APEX applications (Elie, Andrea)


CATER (Bill Allen)

Run test suite and examine results.