Elliott D. Bloom

Elliott Bloom

Group Leader for SLAC Group K
and Professor at SLAC

Work Phone: (650) 926 2469
Internet Address: elliott@slac.stanford.edu
SLAC Address:
MS 98

Physics Interests:

  • 1965-1997: Accelerator based Experimental Particle Physics and Accelerator Physics. Study of deep inelastic scattering and heavy flavor physics, most recently including the study of CP violation at the SLAC B-Factory (PEP-II).
  • 1990-present: Particle Astrophysics with emphasis on the measurement of phenomena associated with regions of high field gravity. Such phenomena are associated with neutron star and black hole candidate systems. Space based X-Ray timing and high energy gamma-ray telescopes offer a powerful tool to experimentally probe such objects. Current observations with the USA x-ray telescope, and design and construction of the Large Area Gamma-ray Space telescope do well at filling my time.

Academic Responsibilities:

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