Release Notes

HippoDraw Release 1.21.4

New features since 1.20.5

Added the Weibull distibution function, contribution from Nathan Whitehorn.

HippoDraw Release 1.21.3

Changes since 1.21.2

Improved the approximation of the Landau function.

Bug fixes since 1.21.2

Allow deleting one function from a linear sum of functions.

Allow building Python module when neither numarray or numpy are available.

HippoDraw Release 1.21.2

Changes since 1.21.0

Scale the residuals plot if original plot was scaled.

XYPlot and Strip Chart now allow zooming on Y asis with mouse.

Bug fixes since 1.21.1

Fix build of libraries when libwcs is not in standard install directory.

Fix bug when removing DataRep from display.

Fix bug when removing statcked DataReps from a display.

Fix LinearTransform so adjust axis range is symmetic, thanks to Stefano Mazza.

fix creating canvas with GUI.

Fix creating graphic files without GUI

Fix regression bug, changing axis labels.

Allow one to delete one function of a composite.

HippoDraw Release 1.21.1

Bug fixes since 1.21.0

Fixes to the RPM build to satisfy Fedora standards.

HippoDraw Release 1.21.0

Bug fixes since 1.20.9

Fix bug when changing point rep, now keeps same color as previous one.

HippoDraw Release 1.20.9

Bug fixes since 1.20.8

Fixes to satisfy Fedora RPM building standards.

HippoDraw Release 1.20.8

Bug fixes since 1.20.7

Remove version number in desktop file installation.

HippoDraw Release 1.20.7

Bug fixes since 1.20.6

Fix y tick labels size bug caused by bad compilation under gcc 4.2.

HippoDraw Release 1.20.6

Bug fixes since 1.20.5

Fix drawwing of scatter plot when only one point in DataSource with negative value on at least one axis.

Fix creation of NTuple from Histogram on canvas when done from Inspector.

Improved RuntimeError message when trying to set cut range on invalid range.

Fix handling of boolean arrays with numpy.

HippoDraw Release 1.20.5

New features since 1.20.4

Added tooltip to selected plots' DataSource name's combo box.

Fixes to cuts on target highlighting.

Deselect all cuts if selected plot does not have a cut.

Fix problem generating either numpy or numarray array from DataSource file such as SVAC ROOT file.

HippoDraw Release 1.20.4

New features since 1.20.3

Be able to add text at absolute coordinate.

Ability to create event lists for use in cutting.

Bug fixes since 1.20.3

Fixed regression in setting title of plot with out TeX formating.

HippoDraw Release 1.20.3

Bug fixes since 1.20.2

fix editing of title, label, and plain text when latex support is not available.

HippoDraw Release 1.20.2

Bug fixes since 1.19.8

Fix removing composite function from plot, was crashing under Windows.

HippoDraw Release 1.19.8

Bug fixes since 1.19.7

Fixed white space in HammerAito transform in ColorBoxRep.

Fixed regression if reference data source in document file not found.

HippoDraw Release 1.19.7

New features since 1.19.2

Support for WCSlib under Windows.

HippoDraw Release 1.19.5

Bug fixes since 1.19.4

Allow x range to be [0, 360] for periodic binary transforms.

Fix retile of TextPlotters.

TextPlotters move with their parent XyPlotter.

Desktop file now works in GNOME and other fixes for Fedora Extras reviewer.

HippoDraw Release 1.19.4

Bug fixes since 1.19.1

Opening a document that references a .fits.gz file now works.

HippoDraw Release 1.19.2

New features since 1.19.1

X axis can be inverted.

Enable LaTeX format title and labels.

Many more color maps have been added.

Changes since 1.19.1

Use C++ to generate the PNG image instead of using

Added shpport for ROOT data types Short_t, UShort_t, and Long64_t

Bug fixes since 1.19.1

Fix the bug that loading a .hpo document may add "tnt" to the datasource names.

Fix ownership of Function written in Python and added to function factory.

HippoDraw Release 1.19.1

Changes since 1.19.0

Display LaTex format equation as a PNG image in box text rep.

Add a new mode to show the ticks. If the range is small relative to the value (1e-6 of the value), it will trigger this mode. Only the value of the reference point will be drawn. The ticks shows the difference from the reference value in scientific notation. Good for variable mesh plot.

Export, Create NTuple and Save Image can now save compressed FITS file using GZIP algorithm. Extension name is *.fits.gz

If ROOT file contains unsupported data type, then dialog will appear when trying to use that column. Previous behavior was to not make the whole readable.

If a ASCII NTuple file doesn't exist or is not readable, then dialog sindow is shown that says this, instead of saying "bad format".

Bug fixes since 1.19.0

Fix bug that Root DataSource did not get expanded when loading from .hpo file or when changing DataSource for a plot.

Fix drawing ticks outside axis range bug when not using auto ticks.

Fix the bug that getZValue() for VariableMesh gives the value of the nearest non-zero value.

Fix axis range not responding to adjustment bug when range length is smaller than DBL_EPSILON ( 2.22e-16 ). May need a better fix.

Fix weighed profile plot.

Keep text plotters always on top of XyPlotters.

Disable group and ungroup menu item when appropriate.

Update the stat tabbed panel immediately if data changed.

Fix bug that mouse right button pressed on Profile2D plot can get nan.

Fix bug that color scale parameter for variable rainbow didn't get save as user preference. Also fix the bug that "saved" user preference didn't take effect until next run.

Fix bug that z label doesn't show up on variable mesh plot.

Fix bug when selecting transformation, the aspect ratio didn't change until the view is resized.

Fix bug in setting default font. Now the plots are updated as soon as the default font is changed.

Fix bug in writing ROOT file to FITS file when columns were added via Python.

Fix bug when right clicking on empty canvas.

Fix bug in handling duplicate column labels in FITS table.

HippoDraw Release 1.19.0

Bug fixes since 1.18.8

Fix text plotter moving in one dimension bug.

Fix font size bug. Now draw rectangle changes when title and/or label font size changes. Large labels won't go out of the margin rectangle.

Fix exclusive radio buttons bug in Cuts tab.

Fix getZValue() bug in VariableMesh plot.

Fix rpath problem in build when Qt is found in default library paths.

For Mac OS X, fix the about menu to show HippoDraw.

Fixed auto-scaling of Z axis for Image plot.

Display error mesage if data source could not be read when using CanvasWindow to open file.

Fixed regression in list of available file types when saving selected plot as image.

For opening a file, allow file to not have a suffix.

When saving plot as image, add the selection filter suffix, if not given instead using jpg.

Show information dialog when attempting to save contents of a plot as FITS image when it is not possible.

Give user information dialog if trying to show pick table when no plot or more than one is selected.

Fix the bug where the first picked point could mess up the Y axis range.

HippoDraw Release 1.18.8

New features since 1.18.6

Shift-drag for 2D cut selection.

Give a option to show box edges for the ColorBoxPointRep class.

Shift-drag gives a square area in zoom mode.

Allow adding rows to DataArray and replacing columns with sequence other than numarray.

Allow appending one DataArray or DataSource to DataArray.

Bug fixes since 1.18.4

VariableMesh plot was not getting the correct Z range.

Fix performance bug on Contour plot. ( Line style is not allowed for plot with more than 20 contour levels )

Fixed broken setHeight method in CanvasWindow from Python.

HippoDraw Release 1.18.6

New features since 1.18.3

Added "line style" color map, for drawing contour levels with different line styles but same color. Useful in publication.

Added gamma correction to the value to color scale choises

Changes since 1.18.4

Header files are now installed in prefix/HippoDraw without version number attached.

Documenation is now installed in share/doc directory.

Allow gray scale value to color to take a color other than black.

Improved the exception messages when error occured in handling NTuple from Python.

Bug fixes since 1.18.4

Fix periodical transforms bug on contour plot. (Introduced by shape[])

Fix gray scale bug on contour plot.

Fix line style bug on contour plot. (Now the plot respond to line style change).

The size of the error bar lines is now proportional to the size of the main symbol.

Fixed plotting Y axis on log scale when range was extreamely small ( < 5e-26 ).

Fixed averge Y value on 1D Histogram.

Fix thread conflict when registering NTuple from Python, appeared only on multiple processor machines.

Fix threading problems in handling NTuple from Python on multiple processor machines.

HippoDraw Release 1.18.4

New features since 1.18.3

Added VariableMesh plot type.

Bug fixes since 1.18.3

Fixed memory leak when creating RootNTuple and then deleting them.

Can now do build with -j2 option if compiling with gmake

HippoDraw Release 1.18.3

New features since 1.18.1

Ability to read and write FITS file when a column contains an array.

Bug fixes since 1.18.2

Fix ability to save created DataSource to FITS file.

Throw exception when trying to add multiple dimensional array via the DataArray to DataSource that can not support it.

HippoDraw Release 1.18.2

Bug fixes since 1.18.1

Fix regression, Inspector not looking for array variables in ROOT file.

Throws exception if column not found when creating new NTuple instead of crashing.

Fix bug in creating new NTuple from ROOT NTuple that had added columns.

Fix regression, Asking RootController in Python for bad filename would hang Qt.

HippoDraw Release 1.18.1

New features since 1.18.0

Allow writing a DataSource or DataArray to a FITS file from Python script.

Bug fixes since 1.18.0

Fix crash when attempting to use RootNTuple::valueAt on column that does not contain an array variable.

If ROOT file is not found when attempting to open it, an exception is throw instead of returning a null pointer.

If FITS file is not found when attempting to open it, an exception is thrown instead of returning a null pointer.

HippoDraw Release 1.18.0

Bug fixes since 1.17.9

Fix regression, boxes on ColorPlot were being drawn factor of two too large.

HippoDraw Release 1.17.9

New features since 1.17.7

Allow fitting with 3D coordinate as well as 2D

Bug fixes since 1.17.8

Avoid crash when clearing a canvas from Python when application has already terminated.

HippoDraw Release 1.17.8

New features since 1.17.6

Support for Mac OS X with Qt 4.

Support for Windows with Qt 4.

For 3D image in FITS file, break the third axis into separate columns.

Bug fixes since 1.17.6

Fix regression when quiting applications with modified open Windows.

Fix serious bug when histogramming values of an Image when image is read from file as opposed to being initialized from Python.

Fix double clicking on HDU selection of FITS file, or TTree in ROOT file.

Bug fixes since 1.17.6

HippoDraw Release 1.17.7

Bug fixes since 1.17.6

Allow running application from Python without connecting to Window system. This allows running Python script in batch, for example.

HippoDraw Release 1.17.6

New features since 1.17.0

On Mac OS X, HippoDraw now suport opening files when a recognized file type is selected by the Mac Finder. If the application is not running, it will be launch first.

Bug fixes since 1.17.6

Eliminate occasional crashes when running scripts from a script on Windows with Qt 4

Fix compiling with Qt 4, compiling errors were introduced by adding support for Mac OS X as described above.

HippoDraw Release 1.17.5

Bug fixes since 1.17.1

Fixed libtool's config/ file for Mac OS X

Fixed regression on Windows when adding plots to canvas.

HippoDraw Release 1.17.1

New features since 1.17.0

Can now set the color of text representations.

Can now draw Histogram with equal entries ( changable bin width ).

One can now set a threshold and combine bins with entries number lower than this threshold.

New features since 1.17.0

Slowed down the variable rainbow sliders.

Allow displays to be put outside of the printer margins.

On Windows and Mac OS X, use native file dialogs instead of the Qt one.

The configure script now expects CFITSIO to be install in /usr/local instead of /usr/local/cfitsio

Support for ROOT TNtuple and TNtupleD which are derived classes of TTree.

Bug fixes since 1.17.0

Fixed bug when dragging to re-size in zoom mode.

Axis bin width slider now reduces bin width when dragged to the left.

When changing to log scale with axis tabbed panel, update the panel immediately.

When changing the offset on axis tabbed panel, update the panel immediately.

Enable the mouse scroll wheel for the number of contours slider.

Fixed bug introduced when trying to fix 100% CPU bug in setting range of Histogram from Inspector.

Fixed 100% CPU usage when drawing text rep on histogram with fitted function applied.

Fixed 20% CPU usage when drawing text representation on histogram with fitted linear sum function.

Fix building class documenation on Mac OS X.

Fixed range on Z axis when switched to log scale.

Fix the installation of Python extension module so that it appears in the site-packages directory corresponding to the python executable detected.

Fix in correct drawing of filled histogram when Y axis was on log scale.

Canvas settings wasn't restoring state of selection on added plot.

Menu and tool bar Cut action was not updated with new selection.

Fix reading ASCII data source when data rows contain white space at end of line.

Sometimes setting the bin width would cause strange range changes on same axis.

Filled column histogram now can go negative.

Automatically go into pick mode when pick table is displayed.

Update correctly the tool bar and menu enable and disable when pasting to empty canvas.

HippoDraw Release 1.17.0

Changes since 1.16.9

Allow canvas to be stretched accross mulitple physical screens.

Bug fixes since 1.16.9

Fixed infinite loop when display text containing multiple lines, such as the function parameters text box.

Fixes to eanble native build (Cocoa) on Mac OS X 10.4 (tiger).

Fixed crash when text box selected and changing to Plot tabbed panel.

Fixed contour bug in log scale.

HippoDraw Release 1.16.9

Changes since 1.16.8

ROOT data type ULong64_t is now supported.

Bug fixes since 1.16.8

When building without built-in help support, do not compile appropriate section of WindowController.cxx

If ROOT branch contains a unsupported data type, throw exception instead of raising an assertion.

HippoDraw Release 1.16.8

New features since 1.16.7

Save the positions of dock windows to settings.

Keep a list of recently opened files.

One can put several views in a group and resize or move the group.

Can set cut or pick point in a view inside a group.

Under Linux, can now use Qt 4.1.2. The configure procedure for Qt 4.x is greatly improved.

Can now change orientation of canvas window from Python.

Bug fixes since 1.16.7

Restore fitter setting menu item which got lost in some previous release.

Added Pick only menu item to match options on the toolbar.

Write over old installation on Windows, thus not requiring user to remove first.

Fix the ratio bug, when mouse is released ratio should not change.

Removed unneed parameter in LogParabola function.

The clear all menu item is always enabled.

HippoDraw Release 1.16.6

New features since 1.16.6

One can now copy plots as images to system clipboard and paste them into other applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint and OpenOffice Impress.

Bug fixes since 1.16.6

From Python, NTupleController::writeToFile should take DataSource as first argument instead of DataSource name.

On the CreateNTuple dialog, make it clearer what the bottom text edit box is for.

Fix printing bug when canvas spans multiple pages and user's monitor requires scaling the size of a page.

HippoDraw Release 1.16.5

New features since 1.16.5

Can input new entries using keyboard to the pick table.

Add a pick mode in addition to the cut modes.

When right mouse clicked on FITS image with HammerAito transform, use the transform information to get the correct coordinates.

Show number of underflow and overflow entries in Stats tab.

Added ability to create DataArray from ASCII NTuple file.

Added ability to create a Cut from Boolean numarray.

Bug fixes since 1.16.5

Fix installation bug for UNIX like systems when Numeric is installed but not numarray.

Fix excessive long time to select a very dense color plot.

Re-connect Edit -> undo menu item. it got lost.

Fix setting limits with Minuit.

Fix crash when ColorPlot has X axis on log scale and resizing the view.

Throw exception if could not open ASCII NTuple file.

HippoDraw Release 1.16.5

New features since 1.16.4

Can show grid using the check box in plot panel.

Bug fixes since 1.16.4

Fixes various bug in handling of the function cuts with the GUI.

Fixed regression bug in Inspector Data tabbed panel dealing with optional column bindings.

HippoDraw Release 1.16.4

New features since 1.16.2

Creating an NTuple from existing one now can write directly to a file instead of just residing in memory. For large files, this is considerably faster. The created file can be ASCII NTuple format or FITS binary table. The later is the fastest.

From the GUI, can remove DataReps and add DataReps to a selected plot with different colors.

Can use shift key to select and move multiple plots at the same time.

Show inversion states in the CreateNTuple dialog.

Use tool tip to show full path name of current data source.

Can read .tnt file missing title line or labels line.

Changes since 1.16.3

The Windows binary distribution was built with Visual Sudio 8 (aka vs.NET 2005).

Bug fixes since 1.16.2

Fixed installation on UNIX like systems when help is disabled.

Fixed finding path to data source file when opening document with reference to ROOT or FITS file.

Show warning message before overwriting an exist ROOT or FITS file.

Ignore right mouse click on empty canvas instead of crashing.

HippoDraw Release 1.16.3

New features since 1.16.2

From Python can append a NTuple from another.

From the GUI, can add cut to multiple data representation.

New features since 1.16.2

Attempting to add a row to a data source that is not capable of it now throws an exception instead of raising an exception.

Bug fixes since 1.16.2

When configuring with no built-in help, linking the library does not attemp to link agains libqassisstantclient.a

Fix bug when attempting to add all cuts to a cut whose target is also a cut.

Fix bug when changing histogram from large range to one smaller than current bin width.

HippoDraw Release 1.16.2

New features since 1.16.1

Histograms have a new filled column point representation available.

From Python, can now add sequence of cuts to target display.

Fill in filename from data source title when exporting to file.

If data source reference in document file can not be found, then file dialog helps user find which file to use.

Bug fixes since 1.16.1

Attempting to apply a cut to itself now leads to an information dialog, instead of an infinite loop.

Fix the plotting widget, QtViewWidget, so that it gets its size.

Always change cut range, even when it is selected.

The tool bar list now contains labels that user can understand.

Creating NTuple from file menu was way too slow when orignal data source had a large number of rows.

Fixed bug in reading document with 2D cuts.

Fixed bug in reading document that had one of the text representations in it.

Fixed bug in trying to save document with stats display on it.

Using setAspectRatio from Python was working immediately.

Put application lock around setAspectRatio from Python because it will cause redrawing.

HippoDraw Release 1.16.1

New features since 1.16.0

Added ability to export a DataSource as a FITS file as well as ASCII NTuple.

One can now save a Color Plot or Contour Plot as a FITS image file.

Can disable building the help files when installing.

One can access and create a numarray out of a column in a ROOT file that contains an array.

Fixed ROOT crashing when reading second file in same session with TH2 object in the ROOT file.

Bug fixes since 1.16.0

Fix bug in installation of documentation if version of Doxygen is older than 1.4.5.

Get information dialog instead of throwing exception when trying to apply a cut to a static histogram.

Fixed problems building if Minuit or Minuit2 was not located in /usr/local/include.

Fixed bug when reading document file with cuts. The cuts did not operate until cut range changed.

Make sure the printer bounds is shown if setting for it is set by user.

Fixed installation problems when not built with FITS support.

HippoDraw Release 1.15.8

New features since 1.15.8

Either version of C++ Minuit, Minuit and Minuit2, can be used.

Can now create a new NTUPLE from existing DataSource under existing cuts and selecting columns.

Built in help browser now supported.

Documentation is always install with "make install"

Documentation and examples are now installed in /usr/local/share/Hippodraw by default. Can be changed by configure.

Bug fixes since 1.15.8

Changing the Y range on 2D cuts now works.

RootNTuple::getRow is now exposed the the hippo Python module.

Fixed configuration script for version of boost.

Fixed configuration script for build with Numeric

Fixed support for Numeric replacing Numarray.

Fixed handling of bin width when varying with slider, especially when axis is on log scale.

HippoDraw Release 1.15.7

New features since 1.15.7

Exporting a ROOT file to ASCII file now writes one row at a time instead of puting the while ROOT file in memory.

The Delete key now deletes the selected plot.

If exporting a ROOT DataSource as ASCII file and a column contains an array, then in the ROOT file the array column is filled with zeros rather than not writing the file at all.

Bug fixes since 1.15.7

LogNormal function was implemented as Novosibirsk function. Now have new class for the Novosibirsk function and LogNormal has been fixed.

In the Data tabbed panel of the Inspector, the add data rep button is re-connected.

When replacing one DataSource with another, and cuts were being applied to some plots, then there was a bug if the column used by a cut had a different index.

HippoDraw Release 1.15.6

New features since 1.15.6

Allow building the HippoDraw library without Qt.

Scientific notation on tick labels now display as superscript.

Cut ranges can be directly manipulated with the mouse.

If duplicate labels of columns are found in opening a ROOT or FITS file, it is reported in a dialog box if file is opened from the CanvasWindow.

Bug fixes since 1.15.6

Fixed drawing of exponent in EPS file.

Fix size of labels on Inspector's data and axis tabbed panel for Windows XP style.

Throw an exception if Python user trys to use a canvas that he has closed.

Now checks if application is running before trying to lock/unlock.

Opening document files now works again under Windows.

Transform tabbed panel in Inspector no longer causes crash on empty canvas.

A number of buttons were responding to return key stroke when they shouldn't have.

Notify inspector when opening ROOT file from menu item.

Fix bug when picking points on a plotter displaying a cut range.

Fix bug when adding a cut to a target which is a cut.

HippoDraw Release 1.15.5

New features since 1.15.2

There is now a tabbed panel in the inspector to select amongst 14 different transforms.

Can now drag on cut range with right mouse button to change range.

When fitting function, can ignore the error bars by using check box on function tabbed panel. Ignoring the errors means treating all points with equal weight.

One can now implement a derived class of Observer in Python.

One can add two functions as top level function to a DataRep as well as adding a function to a linear sum.

Changes since 1.15.1

The Inspector is now placed high on the screen to allow a shell window to be visible underneath it.

The open file dialog now shows all files by default.

Bug fixes since 1.15.4

Allow bin width of histogram to be changed when function is applied.

Draw function all the way to edge of range.

Fix bug that was locking the application if exception was thrown when adding function to a display..

Always use the default fitter even when adding function from Python.

Fix invalid data flag for FITS based DataSource.

Fix bug when using Minuit fitter with parameter names longer than 11 characters.

Fix bug in handling fixed parameter flags when fitting with Minuit.

Combo boxes in data and cut tabbed panel remain at their position after adding a plot or adding a cut.

Fixed crash when quiting application and two or more canvas windows were opened.

Resize the data rep when set size of view from Python.

Removing a region cut now works.

The handling of functions on display with multiple data representations has been fixed.

Fix incorrect handling of third function added to linear sum.

Raise the fit failure dialog if fit fails to converge when adding a function as well as when clicking fit button.

Set the default fitter after changing fitter choise with GUI.

Do not disable function parameters group box.

The Inspector data tabbed panel displays the optional bindings correctly again.

Fix the Y axis scale factor when two data reps on a plot and changing the bin width of one of them.

Fix the creation of EPS files.

Fix bug when image file as x origin > 0.0

Catch exception and display it in dialog when error occurs exporting ntuple file.

Fix bug when RootNTuple contains array that varies in size.

HippoDraw Release 1.15.4

Bug fixes since 1.15.3

Handle exceptions thrown by Python when writing derived class of FunctionBase in Python.

HippoDraw Release 1.15.3

Bug fixes since 1.15.2

No longer crashes if adding a hightlighted region to display with no function on it.

Restore cursor when canvas is in zoom/pan mode and mouse leaves the canvas.

HippoDraw Release 1.15.2

New features since 1.15.1

One can now ask the Python application object if the HippoDraw application has terminated.

Allow Python user to set and get the height and width of the displays on the canvas as well as their position

Added support for doing FFT with Python.

Added support for displaying a region on a plot that can be used to constrain the range of function fitting or creation of a NTuple.

Bug fixes since 1.15.1

Be able to clone from C++ a function written in Python that does not have default constructor. This allows FunctionBaseDecorator to be used for Python written functions.

When document is saved, only in memory data sources are saves as ASCII NTuple files, not those created from a file.

Fix bug in checking if DataSource has been saved to file, or not.

Trying from Python to set line style to symbol type and visa versa now leads to Python exception.

Initialization doesn't now crash when no Inpector dialog was created.

Fix problem in counting number of entries in Image plot.

Allow Inspector to change PointRep properities even of Function.

Allow from Inspector to add more than one data rep.

Restore cursor after picking a point.

When pasting to an empty space on canvas, pasted view no longer get shifted

Disable axis zoom/pan when selected axis is Z as it lead to strange results.

When changing fitters the user' set attributes such as a fitting range was lost. Now such attributes are transfered to the new fitter.

HippoDraw Release 1.15.1

New features since 1.15.0

Functions with 2 dimensional coordinates are now supported for drawing, fitting and writing the function in Python.

Allow user to set the default fitter in his settings and also set it from Python.

Changes since 1.15.0

For SIP Python extension module, static data members where changed to an enumeration.

For SIP Python extension module, CutController::createCut(...) no longer has a default argument value.

For functions written in Python that are derived from the C++ FunctionBase, one no longer needs to implement the copy constructor.

Simplify the saving of user color models.

Bug fixes since 1.15.0

Changing the X error to nil on XY plot no longer incorrectly also set the Y error off.

Fix a number of small bugs related to the value to color transform model handling.

Fix range zooming on Y axis even with function attached.

Fix bug in restoring document that had functions applied.

Fix bug when 2D data rep overlays a 3D one and one de-selected the 3D one.

Contour plots now respond to deselection by plotting in light gray.

Fix bug when registering a Data source where name is given to NTupleController.

Text NTuple files no longer get opened twice when opening from GUI.

When setting a function to a stated FCN in Python, the compatiblity of the minimizer and the function is checked. That is, if the fitter needs derivatives then the function must provide them.

The "reset" button on the Plot Inspector now resets the color range slider to 0 instead of the center.

HippoDraw Release 1.15.0

New features since 1.14.8

In hippo Python externsion module, added the ability to retreive the available colors.

In hippo Python extension module, added ability to set line style and point symbols via an enumberation.

Allow plotting of functions without adding them to another DataRep.

Bug fixes since 1.14.8

Zooming the range with mouse on some types of DataRep objects was fixed.

Bug in pick table right mouse release is fixed.

When changing range via Inspector slide, DataRep object now get the new range. Previously they weren't.

Fix bug in saving plot as image with EPS suffix.

Fix handling of creation of RootNTuple to avoid crash when creating same DataSource from a file twice.

Fix replacement of column not yet cached for FitsNTuple.

Fix function representation when one or more axis are on log scale.

Fix handling of color scale slider when selecting a variable value to color rep.

HippoDraw Release 1.14.8

Bug fixes since

Fix bug causing memory fault when clearing displays and NTuple tries notifying observers when it gets deleted.

Bug fixes since

Fix memory leak in XyPlotter which was not deleting the contained CompositePlotter. Bug was introduced at time Jim's stacked data rep feature was done.

Have the View object destructor deletes its corresponding plotter. This is workaround for Python not deleting the plots as we would have expected.

Fix bug in Canvas not using the flag that make plots selected when added to the canvas. It now uses it and thus users can avoid the memory leak bug in the XML support.

Added support so Python can set the above flag.

Bug fixes since 1.14.7

Worked around bug that caused the value 36. to come out "35.:" in the XML document for the x coordinate of the first plot.

Fixed reading document file when functions are applied to data rep.

Fixed crash when adding a second cut to a different plot.

Fixed bug that restoring function from document file did not have a fitter attached.

Fixed bug when linear sum function is read from document file.

Fixed drawing of EPS files so they are correctly place and not clipped.

Fixed bug in reading document with cuts applied.

HippoDraw Release 1.14.7

New features since 1.14.5

Inspector displays a warning if invalid data found in bound DataSource.

Bug fixes since 1.14.6

Python no longer crashes when terminating if NTuple file was opened from mulitple scripts.

Fix speed problem in saving many plots as image.

Fix possible crash when closing last application window and Inspector was never created.

Plot matrix size should not change unless radio button was toggled.

Fixed retiling of CanvasView when changing orientation.

HippoDraw Release 1.14.6

New features since 1.14.5

Added setFixedFlags to the Python module interface.

Added setStepSize to the Python module interface.

Changes since 1.14.5

FunctionBase no longer keep track of fixed parameters for fitting. Instead, the FCNBase derived class maintains them and all member functions that require them. Use the Fitter interface to set them.

HippoDraw Release 1.14.5

New features since 1.14.0

Jim Chiang added DataArray to Boost.Python so that numarrays are returned by Python subscript operator for all DataSources. Also, can add column to DataSource with Python subscript operator and for those DataSources that support it, replace a column.

Jim Chiang added direct access to Python of the numarray stored in NumArrayNTuple.

Added support for Numeric Python extension module as well as numarray.

Add ability to do fitting on a limit range.

Changes since 1.14.0

Textual representations are no longer is selected state when added to canvas.

Allow replacing column for bot FitsNTuple and RootNTuple.

Bug fixes since 1.14.0

Fix plotting when Y axis is on log scale and a point has value of zero with error bars.

The FitsNTuple and FitsController are now exported to Python. Thus users can write scripts that need to read FITS files.

Document file was being read as text ntuple.

Fix error in getting errors of function upon reading a document file with a LinearSumFunction on one of the plots.

Update static histogram if range change to force redrawing immediately.

Disable log scale and autoscale for static histograms when binned axis is selected.

Plot title was missing from document files.

The HippoDraw Python extension module now has correct runtime linking and is no longer also copied to /usr/local/lib.

Fix reading XML docuement with 2D cut in it.

NTupleController now correctly returns crated NTuple as object to be managed by Python.

Fix bug in calculating bin index of histograms when input data is largely integer data.

Fix bugs in m4 macros that caused warnings when used with automake 1.8 or higher.

Fix bugs in handling of changing range of histogram in axis tabbed panel.

Fix bug when using add data rep button and column is SVAC array.

The new plot combo boxes do not change their selection when making new plot.

When target of textual rep is lost, display error message instead of crashing.

Fix creation of error display when doing one from script.

Added /Factory/ annotation to sip Python module when returning newly created NTuple.

Fixed bug when adding 2D cuts entirely from the GUI.

Fixed bug FunctionController::createNTuple leaving plot with datarep in selected state.

In SIP based Python module, DisplaycController::creatDisplay should be a SIP factory method to avoid memory leaks.

Fixed bug when trying to use error on value axis for two dimension cuts.

HippoDraw Release 1.14.0

New features since 1.13.0

NumArrayNTuple is now being built under Windows.

Added member isMultiDimensional() to Python's RootNTuple.

Variable rainbow value to color scale now can rotate around entire color wheel.

Changes since 1.13.0

Included ROOT v4.02.00 in the Windows installer file.

Bug fixes since 1.13.1

Fixed error in calculating errors when a parameter of function is fixed and fit is not yet done.

In PickTable dialog, disable delete button if no item is selected.

Save document with custom axis can be restored.

Fits files were showing up in list of NTuples twice, once incorrectly.

Newly added DataSource is one that gets displayed in Inspector.

HippoDraw Release 1.13.1

Bug fixes since 1.13.0

Fixed bad vs.net2003 project file.

HippoDraw Release 1.13.0

New features since 1.12.9

Two dimensional fitting with Python function works.

Writing functions in Python derived from C++ FunctionBase works for the SIP module as will as Boost.Python one.

Bug fixes since 1.12.7

Fixed handling of point types in Inspector.

Fixed bug when adding text rep to target that is not selected.

Bug fixes since 1.12.7

Fix the Makefile for linking against C++ version of Minuit

HippoDraw Release 1.12.9

New features since 1.12.7

When opening a file and suffix is not given as one of standard supported files types, then using all files will try to open files in supported file type anyway, before giving up as an un supported file type.

The open file dialog now remembers the last open file type.

Allow setting the plot's log scale when multiple plots are selected.

Allow setting the plot's auto scale when multiple plots are selected.

Changes since 1.12.7

Configuration script changed for Minuit 1.5.2

Use Doxygen 1.4.0 features if available.

Bug fixes since 1.12.7

When changing PointRep object of a DataRep, the previous Color is now preserved.

In the PickTable, the delete picked point button is now disabled if the pick table is empty, thus avoiding a crash.

Fix GUI blooper: when double clicked on item in ListDialog DataSource item, now does the same as Select button.

Fix creation of NTuple directly from DataRep object.

Update cut/copy/paste actions after select all window menu item selected.

Save selected as images file dialog now remembers last image type selected.

Fix bugs in reading ASCII NTuple file on 64 bit machines.

HippoDraw Release 1.12.7

New features since 1.12.6

More configure options for the Boost installation.

Support for ROOT files with array of unsigned int objects on a branch.

Added variable rainbow value to color transformation.

Bug fixes since 1.12.5

Fix qt/Makefile so to no attempt to include ROOT libraries if not building with ROOT support.

HippoDraw documentation is linked to Minuit documentation.

HippoDraw documentation is linked to Qt documentation.

Fix readding UInt_t array in ROOT file.

Use current value rep when changing point rep.

Fix the qt/Makefile to handle ROOT properly.

HippoDraw Release 1.12.6

New features since 1.12.4

Added 3 color value to color transform.

Added 3 color with variable break point value to color transform.

Added Tune Kamae's transform from variable value to color.

Allow opening any FITS table when mulitiple HDU are in FITS file.

Changes since 1.12.5

Build is with numarray by default and libnumarray.h is checked for in include directory used by Python.

Support unsigned int type in ROOT files.

HippoDraw Release 1.12.5

Changes since 1.12.4

Re-ordered the point style in Inspector to correspond to enumeration that is actually used. This avoid confusion for the Python script writer.

DisplayController::createDisplay now throws exception if the member function with one string argument is used and the DataRep requires NTuple bindings.

Added support for building under Mac OS X.

Updated install documentation for Mac OS X.

Added clear() to DataSource Boost.Python interface.

DataSource::addRow() throws exception if not valid, thus no need to return a bool if successful.

Bug fixes since 1.12.4

If Minuit doesn't converge, calculate principle errors with right size and zero value.

HippoDraw Release 1.12.4

New features since 1.12.3

Added menu item to show Inspector window.

Allow the user to close modified window without prompting.

Added ability to stack DataRep object in plot as well as overlaying them. Stacked objects each have their own Y axis Range.

Added draw method to QtViewWidget.

Documentation make external reference to Qt documentation.

The parts of the C++ standard library that are used are documented.

Put example of use of widget in sunken frame.

Bug fixes since 1.12.3

Changing y error binding from Inspector now works again.

Fix constructor of NTuple when parameter is const char *

Fix broken Makefile in qt/examples.

Disable plot title group box when no display is selected.

HippoDraw Release 1.12.3

Bug fixes since 1.12.2

On Cuts tabbed panel, range of cut displayed was last cut instead of selected cut.

numarray is no longer needed to build with ROOT support.

HippoDraw Release 1.12.1

New features since 1.12.1

Can now onvert an multi-dimensional array in a ROOT TBranch into equivalent numarray object for Python.

Bug fixes since 1.12.1

Fix bug when adding a Python list as a column in RootNTuple.

HippoDraw Release 1.12.0

Bug fixes since 1.12.0

In RootNTuple, Check for invalid column in getColumn and throw exception if invalid.

HippoDraw Release 1.12.0

New features since 1.11.1

Added ability to change DataSource of selected plot.

Allow changing DataSource of multiple selected plots.

Highlite the CutPlotter objects targeting the selected plot.

Allow changing title of multiple selected plots.

Allow user to set fitter before function is applied.

Add Delete menu item to Edit menu

Changes since 1.11.1

On the export text NTuple filed ialog, the list of data sources that can be save is no longer displayed. Instead, the selected data source in the Inspector data tabbed panel is used. This is what users expected to happen and the the dialog wasn't obvious enough.

Bug fixes since 1.11.1

Do not add `.tnt' suffix when exorting DataSource if user has already added it.

Test program in OpenGL library is now not intalled with make install.

Fixed SIP interface to PlotterBase::setAspectRatio.

After plots have been deleted or re-arrange, the retiling works as expected now.

Any plot that needed Z axis was not allowing its Z value to go negative.

In ColorBoxPointRep, surpress the values == 0.0 only if the range is 0.0 to something.

Fix bug when toggling active DataRep when function may be applied to one.

Have all DataRep active when adding DataRep. This bug was a regression from the 1.10.0 release.

Changes to SIP module so it is compatible with SIP 4.1.

Fix autoscaling when data range on a axis is of length 0.0.

Fix infinite loop in axis tick calculation if tick step size was 0.0.

Fix labels of Z axis for Hammer-Aitoff transformation.

Fix generation of Z axis color scale, the bug was visible with EPS format image file.

Fix reading XML stream when TextDataRep is in stream.

HippoDraw Release 1.11.1

New features since 1.11.0

fITS image files set aspect ratio if needed.

Enable changine the value to color mapping for plots with Z axis.

When add a function to a plot from the Inspector, a fit is automatically done as well.

Fix BinToGreyScale when range has negative values.

Changes since 1.11.0

Plots added with aspect ratio set increases its width instead of reducting its height.

Added the additional arguments in constructor of CanvasWindow so that the window could be child of another. Tested by Tony Willis.

Bug fixes since 1.11.0

Setting functions fixed flag for linear sum function now works correctly.

Adding a function when previsous function has a fixed parameter now works correctly.

Can now only create one Inspector, was possible to create two.

Autosaling a Z plot when the offset and step size was say, for example from a FITS file, now works correctly.

Draw the color bar Z scale correctly when plot is empty.

Be able to open document that has reference to a FITS file.

Fix bug when accidenatly try to read Python script as ASCII NTuple. Now throws exception for bad file fromat.

Be able to open document that has reference to a ROOT file.

Fix bug in QtDisplay constructor with list of lists argument. Was Windows only bug.

HippoDraw Release 1.11.0

New features since 1.10.4

Support the editing of font individually for each plot.

Changes since 1.10.4

Performance improvements is displaying FITS images.

Support for reading FITS files directly with GUI and C++.

HippoDraw Release 1.10.4

New features since 1.10.3

Add menu item to retile only one page.

Changes since 1.10.3

Cosmetics of the Function tabbed panel of the Inspector improved.

HippoDraw Release 1.10.3

Bug fixes since 1.10.2

Adding a function to empty DataRep no longer crashed program.

HippoDraw Release 1.10.2

New features since 1.10.1

Add a user setting to decided if new plots added from Python should be selected or not. Being selected also implies the canvas being scrolled to make new plot visible.

Allow adding a column for RootNTuple.

Allow access to column containing an array in a RootNTuple.

HippoDraw Release 1.10.1

Bug fixes since 1.10.0

On 2D plots, when changing the binding on one axis, does not now auto scale the other axis.

Bug fixes since 1.10.0

Fix restoring of saved documents when functions were applied.

Fix restoring of saved document with error contours on canvas.

Fix restoring of saved document if axis labels had been explicitly changed.

HippoDraw Release 1.10.0

New features since 1.9.0

Open menu item in the CanvasWindow has file filter so it can open document, text ntuple, or root ntuple files.

Allow selection of ROOT ntuple if multiple ntiples are in file.

Added LineDataRep.

Cuts can be temporarily disabled without losing connecton to target displays.

For Boost.Python module, added addTargets method to take list of displays as targets of cut

For Boost.Python module, add Cut constructor taking target and range arguments as well.

On cuts tabbed panel of the Inspector, add button to add all existing cuts to the selected DataRep object.

Support for landscape or portrait mode as user definable setting.

Support as user definable setting showing page margins or not.

Changes since 1.9.0

Enlarge the font size of the labels.

Include function names when linear sum functions shows current values in textual representation.

Do not automatically select plot added from Python script. Thus newly added plots do not scroll the canvas window.

Allow more items in axis binding combo boxes.

Raise message box if function doesn't fit instead of printing to stdout

Make the Canvas Window as height as possible, i.e 95% of screen size.

Limit default font size for widgets to maximum of 10.

When adding a cut to a cut, it is no longer added recursively to the targets of the other cut.

Bug fixes since 1.9.0

Added C++ runtime library to MS installer file.

Saving plot with color bar scale in EPS format is fixed.

In zoom/pan mode, axis sliders would reset to starting point on mouse release.

Fix cause of crash when ctrl-click on plot with function.

Fix cause of crash when multiple DataRep objects in a plot and only one has a function applied.

Fix bug in saving plot as image when used with SIP based Python extension module.

Raise error dialog instead of crashing when attempting to open text ntuple file with bad format.

Fixed display of 1D Cut when inverted.

Fixed display of 2D Cut when an axis is on log scale.

Ignore ROOT file with Histogram at top level instead of crashing.

Take care of case where all elements of a column are +- infinity or nan.

Fix drawing of function when function goes out of range of the drawing rectangle.

Do not reset static histogram when changes displayed axis range.

Fixed value of number of entries for dynamic 1D histograms.

Save line and point style in document files.

No longer draw LinePointRep lines outside X axis range.

When all data was 0.0, X axis representation was wrong.

Cut controls were disabled when function on data representation.

Fix drawing of exponent so it doesn't go outside the view.

Add text display from python to selected plotter, not selected view.

Fixed line styles in generated EPS to match that of Qt's QPen styles.

Fixed bug that could occur in removal of cuts.

HippoDraw Release 1.9.0

New features since 1.8.0

Added support for reading ROOT ntuple files with Python.

Added support for reading ROOT ntuple files from file menu.

Changes since 1.8.0

Raise dialog if about to save plotter as image file if file already exists. But do so only if user interaction from GUI, not from Python script.

The Cuts tabbed panel now remembers for each target plot, what the last selected cut was.

Bug fixes since 1.8.0

Fix bug when setting Range from Python, was changing width, now width stays constant.

Use SaveAsImageEvent to save plotter as image file. Fixes problem when doing so from non GUI thread.

After manually setting low range, it was getting reset by changing setting on bin width or high range.

Needed to update all tabbed panels after set axis on log scale.

Update Inspector tabbed panels when binding to plot change.

Fix bug in RootNTuple in calculating data range when some values of the column data are +infinity

CanvasWindow does not send update to Inspector unless current canvas has changed.

Allow copy and paste from one window to another.

Don't save DataSource that was read from a file to a text tuple when using saveAll.

Profile histograms create error and not standard deviation.

Fix bug when inverting 2D Cut.

HippoDraw Release 1.8.0

New features since 1.7.0

Added ListTuple class to support arrays of data residing in Python list objects. Use of this class will avoid copying data from Python to C++.

Added NumArrayTuple class to support arrays of data residing in Python. In this way, data generated in Python does not need to be copied to a NTuple.

Allow the user to change the default font used in all the displays.

Can change the line style for DataRep objects that do line drawing.

Can now write to ASCII file NumArrayTuple as well as NTuple.

Fix GUI blooper, ask question before over-writing existing image file.

Fix GUI blooper, newly selected plot should be on top of others.

Changes since 1.7.0

Convert to use the Minuit-1.4.0pre1 or later. The Minuit API changed slightly, so HippoDraw is now not compatible with older version. This versin does not require Fortran 77 compiler, the HippoDraw's Makefiles no longer link agains libf2c.a and the configure script does not look for the Fortran compiler.

Removed two versions of Minuit fitters since they were the same underneath anyway.

Throws DataSourceException if trying to set capacity of non-empty CircularBuffer.

Bug fixes since 1.7.2

Fix segmentation fault when attempting to export text tuple when no tuples exist.

Fix bug where under certain conditions, dragging the bin width slider in the Inspector would reset the bin width to 1.0.

Fix bug in finding path to Python include and lib.

DataSource with its name set now appears with that name in the Inspector.

When fitting, the target plot updates its projected value NTuple before the fitting is done. Fixes mulitple instance where it may not be up to date.

When saving plot as image from Python and no file suffix is given to indicate image format, then JPEG is used instead of crashing.

Fix crazy behaviour of line step buttons on scroll bars in axis tabbed panel.

Fix crash when adding two functions to DataRep.

When saving selected views as to image files, also save any colliding views.

Update the tabbed panels after adding DataRep to a display.

Disable function parameter box on function tabbed panel when no function on selected plot.

HippoDraw Release 1.7.2

Bug fixes since 1.7.1

Fix build problems when paths Minuit and Boost were not in standard places.

HippoDraw Release 1.7.1

Changes since 1.6.0

Zoom in keyboard short cut changed to Ctrl+=.

Bug fixes since 1.7.0

Fix handling of 1D cuts in SIP based Python extension module.

Fix crash under Windows when right clicking on some displays.

HippoDraw Release 1.7

New features since 1.6.0

Save the printer page size settings for future sessions.

Be able to change the new plot matrix in a canvas.

Be able to change axis labels.

Added accelerator keys for zoom in and zoom out.

Added zoom reset menu item.

Changes since 1.6.0

Disallow add column to NTuple whose label is same as existing one.

Save the canvas new plot matrix settings for future sessions.

Bug fixes since 1.6.0

Selected display added by Python needed to be put in selection copy.

Handle underflow and overflow in linear binning correctly.

Fix Cut1DPlotter so it doesn't need axis bindings parameter. This also fixes bug for cuts in sihippo Python extension module.

HippoDraw Release 1.6

New features since 1.5.0

Axis tick marks are both right and left, and top and bottom.

Two dimensional cuts.

Function error contour can be plotted after fitting.

Changes since 1.5.0

The bin width scroll bars has twice the range.

Removed use of valarray, thus can compile with more compilers.

Bug fixes since 1.5

Fix bug in CanvasView::getViewFor(const PlotterBase * target) when target is not found. Now returns a null pointer.

Fix bug in CanvasView::removeDisplay. Will do nothing if argument is null pointer.

Fix bug in XY Plot when on Y axis is on log scale and error bar reaches 0.0.

Fix bug in Inspector's function tabbed panel, when plot contained mulitple data reps and only one had function.

Fix bug in calculation of error bars on Profile DataRep when only one entry in bin.

Fix bug in inconsistent dragging and releasing bin width and offset.

Fix bug with axis tick labels when log10 of number is less than -2.

Fix bug in Z axis tick labels when log10 of number is less than -3.

Fix bug when Cut is in zoom/pan mode and position goes outside of display range.

Fix Hammer-Aitoff and Lambert transforms.

Enable the stats text box when checkbox is checked.

Fix bug when putting function of plot with multipe DataRep objects.

HippoDraw Release 1.5

New features since 1.4.0

Allow user to change the NTuple name.

Axes and cut sliders are now scroll bars so that slow/fast scrolling can be supported. They also accept wheel focus.

Changes since 1.4.0

enum AxesType put in namespace.

Fixed the axes and cut sliders to behave correctly to keyboard shortcuts.

ColorPlot shows points out of Z range in white, including bins of zero value.

Bug fixes since 1.4.0

No longer crashes if right mouse on TextPlotter

Fix printing across page boundaries.

Fix Z value on picking.

HippoDraw Release 1.4.0

Changes since 1.3.2

Projected value classes and corresponding iterators replace by NTuple to provide data to point representations and objective function of fitters.

Histograms plotted the bin axis from 0.0 when autoscaled, even if all bins are above zero.

Bug fixes since 1.3.2

Selected NTuple in new plot group box is one corresponding to selected plot.

HippoDraw Release 1.3.2

New features since 1.3.0

Ability to hide CanvasWindow from SIP Python module.

Changes since 1.3.0

Support for configuing Python changed to use the AM_PYTHON_PATH M4 macro that comes with automake.

Bug fixes since 1.3.0

Fix missing MinuitFitter.cxx from distribution.

Added work around for compilers needing mem_fun1 instead if mem_fun from the C++ stanard library.

Fix bug in calculation of derivatives for Chi2Dist.

Permanently disable Minuit checkbox in Inspector function tabbed panel when not built with Minuit.

Save the in memory ntuples to file in same directory as document file instead of current working directory.

Add .tnt suffix to exported ntuple files.

HippoDraw Release 1.3.0

New features since 1.2.0

Use of Minuit for fitting.

Dynamic and static histograms can take a weight binding.

Re-factored the Boost.Python interface to be more Pythonic

Added ability to turn off error bars on ProfileHist.

Added handling of cuts to SIP Python extension module.

Added St1DHistograms to SIP Python extension module.

Added St2DHistogram to the library and available to both SIP and Boost python extnsion modules.

Added ability to create NTuple which is a copy of an NTuple used by a DateRep that has NTuple binding, but with rows removed that fail the cuts applied to that DataRep.

Added ability to create function residuals display from the Inspector function tabbled panel.

Added ability to get mouse coordinates from Python.

Added ability to get errors on the fitted parameters.

Added display of summary value in Inspector stats panel.

Changes since 1.2.0

Changed name of Hist2DProjector to DyHist2DProjector.

Introduced class Hist2DProjImp which becaomes the base class for both DyHist2DProjector and StHist2DPorjector.

Remove Cut replace button.

Enable editPasteAction in all windows after pasteboard is filled.

Improved cout output of Range class to include minimum positive file.

Bug fixes since 1.2.0

Various updates to the documentation.

Disable create residual display if no function on plot.

Saving path to NTuple file in XML document, when NTuple was read from file.

Returning the Z value of ZPlot when origin and bin width were not the default.

Fixed the drawing speed of the cross-hairs when display on top of large XYColorPlot.

Can turn on error bars after default histogram changes its point rep to symbols.

Can turn on and off error bars from Plot Inspector for DataRep objects that have error bars.

Turn on error bars when returning to SymbolPointRep on XYPlot.

No more Qt error message when DataRep has no PointRep options.

Fix the updating of fixed flags in Inspector's function tabbed panel.

Fix bug in generating Doxygen generated documentation in new build directory.

Fix bug when new axis binding vector is not long enough to cover all binding options.

Fix bug when remove item from canvas, crash would occur when Save All As.

Fix bug when creating display with insufficient number of bindings.

Update Inspector when active canvas window changes.

Display of SymbolPointRep plotting when axis is scaled is fixed.

Changing range with const bin width now works.

Set error bars to old state when changing point representation.

Fixed incorrect input to ContourPlot from non square MapMatrixProjector.

Fix aspect of ratio of plots when initially placed on canvas.

Don't plot ColorSymbolPointRep if Z value is out of range on log scale or linear scale.

Got rid of many warning messages generated by Doxygen version 1.3.4

Fixed AxisModelLog when pos is same as high range.

Provide a What's this for inspector in case window system has what's this button in title bar

Set the cut range to the full range displayed by the Cut1DPlotter.

Fixed enabling edit paste action in all windows if cut or copy made in one.

Fixed scaling of axis for certain combinations of multiple DataRep objects in the same plot.

Allow same NTuple file to be opened by mulitple documents with open edit menu item.

Catch ans exception thrown in trying to open docuement file.

Throws exception in NTuple::setLabels if size of argument is wrong.

Hammer Aitoff transform no longer crashes when setting Z axis to log scale.

New features since 1.1.7

Added ability of set aspect ratio of any plotter.

Added ability to set the matrix size parameters for ZPlot. With small Python script, can now display FITS image files.

Exceptions that HippoDraw could throw when called from the SIP Python extension module are now caught and re-thrown as Python exception.

Ability to create NTuple column from a numarray that has flat shape.

Ability to create NTuple from a plot including function values and residuals.

Ability for Inspector to create residuals display.

Added Lambert transform.

Added ability to get Chi-Squared and degrees of freedom from Python.

Changes since 1.1.7

If file can not be opened, the a critical dialog window is show with reason for the problem.

Move the "New plot" group box to top in Data tabbed panel of the Inspector. This is more consistent with work flow from top to bottom.

Drawing of plot is done to pixmap then flushed to canvas. This allows moving and selecting large image files without performance problem.

Add grid lines to Hammer-Aitoff and Lambert transforms.

The QtViewWidget now calls the Inspector directly instead of going via the top level widget. This fixes problem in doing so with PyQt.

Bug fixes since 1.1.7

Fix axis representation for non-rectangular axis boundaries.

Fix reading NTuple file when label has leading blank.

Some fixes for compiling with Qt 3.0.x.

Fix cursor position when right clicking on plot with Hammer-Aitoff transform.

Fix bug that was not displaying all the data in a ProfileHist plot.

Fix for when Qt is compile with no STL support.

Inspector now gets updated when NTuple is added and registered from Python script.

Fix bug in parsing NTuple file after Windows has inserted CR before LF.

Fix bug when displaying list of QCanvasItem when one is a TextView.

Fix bug when reading saved document when one QCanvasItem is a TextView.

Many bug and usability problems with the PickTable has been fixed.

Fix bug in file name suffix when using SaveAll menu item.

HippoDraw Release 1.1.7

Changes since 1.1.6

The Print action is now also on the CanvasWindow tool bar.

New features since 1.1.6

Added Image to plot FITS file images.

Added Error Function class, Erfc.

Added Pick table.

Bug fixes since 1.1.6

Allow cuts to be applied to single DataRep in plot with functions applied.

HippoDraw Release 1.1.6

Changes since

The Inspector is no longer tied to the CanvasView. It can thus also be used with QtViewWidget as well as QtView.

Shift mouse click now adds to selection while control mouse click toggles between multiple data representation in same plotter.

Added Ctrl-Z as keyboard accelerator to Undo menu item.

Prompt user before over-writing document file.

Added warning before clearing all canvas items.

Much updated documentation especially examples in Python and C++.

New features since

Doing right mouse click on selected displays the X, Y, and if available Z coordinates, of the mouse cursor in the main window status bar..

Added "Select all" menu item.

Added "Retile menu item.

Added CanvasWindow::saveAllAs so one can save document and all its NTuple to a file.

Added "Save all as..." menu item to the file menu.

Expose TextRepFactory to Python SIP extension module.

A table of plots is available.

Added saving plot as image file from program and SIP extension module.

Added CircularBuffer class with interface to both SIP and Boost.Python.

Added ability to register ntuple with the application.

Added static histogram.

Added ability to change point representation of DataRep. This, for example, converts a ColorPlot to ContourPlot and vice versa.

Added ability for user to set the ContourPlot level manually.

Bug fixes since

Fixed missing string terminator in function parameters values in FuncParmRep.

When saving two or more images whose bound rectangle would include other non selected images.

Text box in Stats tabbed panel was always disabled.

ColorSymbolPointRep of size 1 now work.

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