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Thanks for your excellent work on Hippodraw -- it's much appreciated. -- Nathan W., Madison, Wisconsin

Keep going with the great job.. so far I've used a lot of plotting software but hippodrwas is the easiest and fasted (also in comparison with a lot more expensive software !) - Giorgio L., Oslo, Norway

I wish I would have known about HippoDraw a bit earlier! It's very useful, especially the inspector. - Florian K, Paris, France

Thanks for developing hippodraw. I found it very useful for making plots and diagrams suitable for publications - Giorgio L., Genova, Italy

I recently encountered Hippodraw after my latest set of frustrations with ROOT, and I wanted to thank you for writing such an excellent program. It's amazing, after dealing with the standard set of HEP software, to use something that's intuitive, well thought out, and well implemented. - Nathan W., Chicago

After I was able to compile it: the first impression is great. Very easy to use. - Roland S., Germany

Let me also say that I am blown away by HippoDraw's versatility, capability, and suitability to our project. It's fast enough to be effectively real-time for our application (data rate = 40 Hz). - Tom M., San Diego, Californa

Hello. I'm a user of HippoDraw. (I'd like to express my gratitude for letting us use the useful and excellent software. Thank you very much!) - Kazuyoshi F., Japan

First off, nice work! (And lots of it, obviously.) - Paul B., U.S.

Thank you for your great work and for your time! - Samuele K., Milan, Italy

Thanks very much for Hippodraw - Andrew F., Dundee, Scotland

I'm completely immpressed by the excellent program you create. Using it from python makes it more or less indispensible for me and others here. THANKS A LOT! - Markus B., Elche, Spain

thanks a lot for your wonderful program, it saved us hours of hard work working with neutron reflectivity 2d maps - Jacques C., Stuttgart, Germany

Thanks for sending me your reaction, and especially thanks for writing HippoDraw. - Michael C., Kent, Ohio

I'm looking for a class library to display diagrams in QT applications. HippoDraw has nearly everything I need. Nice work! - Thomas R., Germany

I'm really enjoying hippodraw! - C.B. H., Seattle, Washington

thanks for all the help with HippoDraw it works great and is a neat design. You should be proud. - Leonard R,, Pasadena, California

First let me congratulate you for an excellent program! ... it certainly deserves and would save some people from gnuplot or xmgrace caused depressions. - Filipe M., Uppsala, Sweden

One of my friend introduced Hippodraw for me and it is really a cool analytical application. - Feng D., Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Impressive assemblage - Scott W., Arlington, Virgina

Thank you for providing Hippodraw to the community. It is certainly a well designed system with lots of features. - Anders H., Oslo, Norway

Thanks again for the nice product. - Stephen J., Albuquerque, New Mexico

I would like to say thank you for making such a nice application. - Kusaka A. Tokyo, Japan

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