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Image of BABAR Detector, Photo taken by Peter Ginter, SLAC 2002

About Us

Group B is one of the experimental physics groups in the Particle and Particle Astrophysics Directorate at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. The group provides a strong and supportive research environment for forefront Experimental Particle Physics research, including the resources and expertise (advanced detector techniques and data analysis) necessary to perform the large scale experiments that are characteristic of the field, and to analyze and interpret the physics data.

Group B has a central role in the study of B meson decays produced at the PEP-II B factory located on site at SLAC. The B mesons are observed in a large detector called BaBar, and allow the detailed exploration of the puzzling phenomenon called CP violation, which is a necessary ingredient in theories that attempt to explain the observed preponderance of matter, rather than the equality of matter and anti-matter, in our universe. The large data sample also opens promising avenues to probe for new physics. Increasingly large data samples are expected to be accumulated during the next five years, allowing increasingly more sensitive studies to be performed.


Group Leaders: David Leith
Blair Ratcliff
Administrative: Nitssia Harrison