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OPI00GTW04  & SLCS2 STARTUP Procedures

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I have tested two NCLTA soft IOCs (TS00 and TS01)  on opi00gtw04 and comfirmed that both indeed fail to come up automaticaly at reboot.

My inital debug is that the Solaris based iocConsole facility seems broken and it requires some effort to fix.  Since we no longer maintain the Solaris based environment and there is a plan to migrate NLCTA to Linux,  I plan to leave it as is.

That means

  1. we need to minimize rebooting opi00gtw04 
  2. restart softIOCs manually if we have to reboot opi00gtw04   
    1. login opi00gtw04 as cddev
      1. TS00 -cleanup
      2. TS01 -cleanup
      3. iocConsole. pl TS00
      4. TS01
    2. Verify:   
      1. ps -ef | grep TS00    
      2. ps -ef | grep TS01
  3. Startup the AIDA process
    1. aidamanager DpChadsServer start nlcdev


To start up the AIDA processes on slcs2:

  1. aidamanager all restart dev

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Created by: Jingchen Zhou, 27-Aug-2003