Beam Configuration Overlay

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Beam Configuration Overlay

Once an AP and an algorithm has been selected, any number of relevant beam groups and rate-limiting kinds can be made active or inactive for the upcoming simulation. All beam groups and rate-limiting kinds are initialized to the ``active'' state, except for the null beam group. This configuration can be returned at any time by pressing the ``BEAM INIT'' button.

To toggle the ``activity'' of beam groups or rate-limiting kinds for the simulation to follow, simply select the ones in either list that you wish to toggle. You can save beam configurations to a file of your choice, and load them from a file of your choice, using the same buttons and windows used in the operand-equality overlay to manipulate files of device configurations: the ``SAVE TO FILE'' and ``GET FROM FILE'' buttons function the same as they do in the operand-equality overlay.

Once all the beam settings are configured as desired you can pop down the beam configuration overlay and work on other overlays and panels.

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