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This is the requirements document for the ESD Software Engineering Group's Unix Web Site Re-organization.

Contents: General Requirements, Specific Requirements, Questions
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General Requirements

  1. Acquire from each member of the group a list of the important web pages they either

    and group those together to form an outline of the major sections of web site we should have. Then create this organization hierarchically from the main homepage at afs/slac/g/cd/soft/html/index.html.

Specific Requirements

  1. Give the Software Group write access to the Web pages, so documentation can easily be updated. This will depend on the ACL in each directory under afs/slac/g/cd/soft/html/. The ACL is probably the same for each subdirectory of afs/slac/g/cd/soft/html/, but still check what ACLs are there, and whether everyone in the software group is able to write to those directories.

  2. Move control-system detailed operational pages to /afs/slac/g/cd/soft/htm/slaconly, and fix links. Pages which should be moved are those that include  nodenames, like "opi00gtw00", or "MCC.SLAC.STANFORD.EDU". This may well entail finding all references to those pages and changing the link! 

  3. Create an index.html page in each subdirectory of /afs/slac/g/cd/soft/html, and link that to the home page afs/slac/g/cd/soft/html either directly, or indirectly through intermediate index pages. There doesn't have to be a precise 1:1 correspondence in the directory structure to page hierarchy, but it should be close.
  4. Go though all pages now in the subdirectories of afs/slac/g/cd/soft/html, and put the standard ESD Software Engineering Group unix web page header on them (afs/slac/g/cd/soft/html/stds/html/master.html). If possible clean them up to follow the standard described in that page.
  5. Create directories for keeping user guides, requirements, and design documents on Unix:

    These directories will be the default locations of such documents on unix, if there is no other project subdirectory in which they should be located, or before that project subdirectory exists.

    A complementary set of directories should be created on our Windows web server, to act similarly as the default repository location for Windows file format documents, such as Word and Excel files.

  6. Check whether we need both a CD_SOFT/html/slaconly and a CD_SOFT/html/share/slaconly. Why do we have these two. If there's no good reason, amalgamte them under just CD_SOFT/html/slaconly and fix the links. Note, slaconly in the pathname tells the web server not to let anyone from outside SLAC access the page. Seems like we don't need both slaconlys though. 

  7. When project specific html directories do exist, soft links should be created from these directories to those corresponding subdirectories of each project, so for instance $CD_SOFT/html/req/cmlog is a soft link which points to the directory $CD_SOFT/html/cmlog/req/.

  8. Write a Users' Guide to ESD Software Group Web Site. This should include:

    1. help page for web page writing and publishing - based on This should cover help for each of:

      Writing on XP, and publishing to the Unix web space under /afs/slac/g/cd/soft/html. This will probably use WebDAV as the enabling technology. Include explicit instructions for Word and FrontPage and Netscape Composer. Write this as if the user has AFS installed on their XP.

      Writing on Unix and publishing to Unix web space under /afs/slac/g/cd/soft/html. Include explicit instructions for Netscape Composer.

    2. Guide to the directory scheme you have put in place. That is, list the special purpose directories CD_SOFT/html/ug, CD_SOFT/html/req, CD_SOFT/html/design, and the other important directories we have in place. Make it so people can use your doc to figure out where to put their documentation.


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Author: Greg White, 03-Feb-2003
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