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This page help an SLAC CPE Software Group developer set up their unix environment for using CVS, and points to documents that will help them use it.

Contents: Development Environment,  References, Setup

CVS in CPE Software Unix Development Environment

The use of CVS in the Unix software development environment is covered from the perspective of a programmer wishing to contribute software to the unix control system in the Basic Users Guide. The details of the design of development support systems, such as the release procedure, and the way they utilize CVS, is in the Principles of Design.

CVS Cheat-sheet



Before using CVS developers must `source'  the cvs setup script to define the necessary Unix environment variables CVSROOT,CVSEDITOR and CVSIGNORE.

For the CPE CVS Repository: source /afs/slac/g/cd/soft/dev/script/cvsSetEnv.csh

For the EPICS CVS Repository: source /afs/slac/package/epics/script/cvsSetup.csh

Please note that only EPICS version R3.13.6 and later are currently in the EPICS CVS Repository.

The default editor used by CVS is set to emacs. If you wish to use a different editor, such as vi, then set the environment variable CVSEDITOR prior to executing the cvs setup scripts listed above.

setenv CVSEDITOR vi

Make sure you have privilege to write to the CVS repository. Your user name must appear in this list:

flora06:~> cd $CVSROOT
flora06:/afs/slac/g/cd/soft/cvs> fs listacl
Access list for . is
Normal rights:
g-cd:soft rlidwk
g-cd rlidwka
flora06:/afs/slac/g/cd/soft/cvs> pts mem g-cd:soft
Members of g-cd:soft (id: -4903) are:

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Author:  Mike Zelazny
Modified: 8-Apr-2003, Broke out cheat-sheets for Unix software development to new heading. 7-Nov-03, Greg White, Remove refs to editing displays & scripts, replace with BUG and POD plus other cleanups.