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CMLOG is a distributed message logging system which can be used by applications to log messages to centralized log files and to display messages with an easy to use interface. CMLOG was designed and implemented by Jie Chen and the fine group of people at Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility(JLAB). CMLOG is currently being used at several laboratories including SLAC, BNL, BESSY, JLAB and JLAB Data Acquisition System (CODA) as well as several universities.

The mailing list for CMLOG  related issues in the EPICS community is

Click here for the LCLS CMLOG page.

*NOTE: For security reasons, some of the links below are only accessible from within SLAC.


How to use CMLOG

How to run the message browser from UNIX for PEPII and NLCTA.
How to run the browser from MCC/VMS for PEPII and NLCTA.
General Message Browser Help: running the browser and browser commands.
How to Restart CMLOG Server (and some configuration notes).

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Programmer's documentation for CMLOG

Useful Utilities
How to write PEPII/NLCTA Applications that log messages to CMLOG
CMLOG Programmer/User Guide
Building and Releasing CMLOG for PEPII/NLCTA 
Programmer's guide to the SLAC Java Browser (jcmlog) 
SLAC CMLOG (mostly) vxWorks throttling "Cheat Sheet"(How to set up throttling)

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CMLOG Release Notes and Miscellaneous Documentation

SLAC CMLOG Throttling User Guide V 2.0
CMLOG Throttling User/Programmer Document V1.0
CMLOG 2.0 Release Notes (good browser and server help here).
CMLOG 1.1 Beta Release Notes.
The EPICS Error Logging System (Extra programmer documentation)
CMLOG Attachment to the SLC Control System (pdf). 
CMLOG Attachment to the SLC Control System for NLCTA (pdf). 

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SLAC CMLOG Requirements/Wish Lists

Next Version of JCMLOG Java cmlog browser
Next Version of CMLOG Throttling Meeting Minutes V1.1
CMLOG Throttling Requirements Document V1.0
CMLOG Version 2.0 Wish list and test status (good hints here) 
CMLOG Version 2.N Wish list

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Links to CMLOG-Related Resources

CMLOG ICALEPCS Paper(1997) (pdf)
Jie Chen's CMLOG Page
CDEV Home Page
CDEV Applications Home Page
JLAB Software Sharing Home Page
EPICS Home Page

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