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click for a larger image.

Click here to see a collection of Images of the Damping Rings

and click here for some older, but labeled Images of the Damping Rings 2

Images from the Metrology Group are also available that show how the Damping Ring components are aligned.

SDR Vault Ceiling Core Drilling Project in preparation for RF waveguide installation.  Collection of images and description taken during Lombardo Engineering Work.
In December 1999 the NDR Vault Ceiling Core Drilling was also done.


The Damping Rings are part of the injector for the two-mile accelerator.

Their purpose is to reduce the emittance (shrink the beam size) of the electron and positron beams.

A brief description of the function of a damping ring

is found on SLAC's Virtual Tour of the Accelerator

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The Damping Rings are operated within the Accelerator Department of SLAC's Technical Division.


Damping Ring Area Manager is Kathy Burrows

Damping Ring RF Engineering support, Ron Akre and Anatoly Krasnykh.

Damping Ring Area Physicist Emeritus, Patrick Krejcik and you can link to his home page here.

Damping Ring Mechanical Engineering Emeritus, Eric Bong

Damping Ring Area Manager Emeritus, Roslind Pennacchi.

Damping Ring RF Support comes from AMRF where you can find useful Damping Ring RF data

The alignment of the Damping Ring components is done by SLAC's Metreology Group, with a collection of images here.


Engineering Meeting Notes:

Si fractum non sit, noli id reficere

The weekly Damping Rings Engineering Meeting is held on Tuesdays at 10:00 in the Alexander Room, Bldg 280.

Follow this Engineering Meetings* link for the notes from these meetings.

We also maintain a page for current projects and work in progress, that also contains items we need to follow up on in future projects:

Follow this link to the current Damping Ring To Do List,
follow this link to the current Damping Ring Engineering Projects.
         and this link to the Archive of Damping Ring Engineering Projects.


Useful Damping Ring Data:

A list of Power Supplies in the Damping Ring Complex, with voltage, current and load resistance.

For a compilation of magnet parameters, select:

Damping Ring Klystron data is supplied at the AMRF page


Overview of the Damping Rings Area.

Choose below from each area to see a diagram of all the beam line components. Select the corresponding Beta function link for each to see a plot of Beta vs. z.

(Note: these maps are for general reference only - their accuracy is not gauranteed. Check the date stamp on each picture - the older it is, the less accurate it is likely to be)

Follow this link for a list of diagrams of all the SLC Beam Lines.

* -denotes links to official SLAC documents that are available from SLAC nodes only.
If you are accessing this page from outside SLAC and want to see pictures of the Damping Ring beam lines, click here.

Follow this link to the Damping Ring1994-95 End of Run Summary.

and this link is to a draft version of the Damping Ring chapter of the entire SLC Performance Summary



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