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Flight software presented its PDR document [PDF] at the pre-PDR meeting on 8/16/01.

Supporting project documents are here.

Information about the 8/16/01 PDR meeting is here.

LAT Hardware Simulation

Flight software investigated LAT hardware architectures using computer simulation studies.  

First a simulation of the base architecture studied the intrinsic behavior of the system.  A description of the base architecture study is available [PDF], though it must be noted that the results section of this document is out of date.  This document does, however,  provide a thorough description of the simulation tools, the model  assumptions and the base LAT architecture.

Secondly we studied variants from the base architecture, particularly focusing on the backend event processing units.  This study is available in the following formats:

HTML entirely on one web page for printing
HTML with one web page per chapter
ASCII text

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