Electronics, DAQ System and Flight Software

Project Documents

Below are official documents supporting the GLAST-LAT project.  Other documents supporting the PDR meeting at SLAC August 16, 2001 are here.

Document Reference Numbers
LAT-SS-00282 Trigger & Dataflow Document Reference Numbers
Trigger and Dataflow -- Specifications
LAT-SS-00019 T&DF Level III Subsystem Specification
LAT-SS-00284 Trigger Level IV Subsystem Specification
LAT-SS-00285 Dataflow Level IV Subsystem Specification
LAT-SS-00293 T&DF Electrical Interface Specification
LAT-SS-00294 T&DF Interface Control Specification
Trigger and Dataflow -- Conceptual Design
LAT-SS-00287 Conceptual Design Of The Electronics, Trigger & Dataflow System
LAT-SS-00286 Conceptual Design Of The Global Trigger
LAT-SS-00288 Conceptual Design Of The TKR-CAL Tower Electronics Module
LAT-SS-00289 Conceptual Design Of The ACD Electronics Module
Presentation Spacecraft Interface Unit 
Trigger and Dataflow -- Technical Documents
LAT-TD-00292 T&DF Mechanical Design
LAT-TD-00295 T&DF Reliability Analysis
LAT-SS-00298 T&DF Mechanical Parts And Material List
LAT-SS-00299 T&DF Electronics Parts List
LAT-TD-00296  T&DF Test System
LAT-TD-00297 T&DF Test Plan
LAT-SS-00300 T&DF Electrical Test Plan
LAT-TD-00331 Flight Software PDR
Power System -- Specifications
LAT-SS-00136 Power Supply System - Level III Specification
LAT-SS-00183 Power Supply System - Level IV Specification
System Wide -- Technical Documents
LAT-SS-00291  Grounding & Shielding Plan
GSFC-433-IRD-0001 Instrument-Spacecraft Interface Requirement Document
GSFC-433-RQMT-0005 Satellite Electromagnetic Interference Requirements Document
LAT-MD-00099-1 Parts Program Control Plan
GLAST-LAT Electronics Schedule PDF

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