E871 Information

Collaboration List
in Postscript format. For printing from an X-Windows Browser, leave document in Portrait mode. To view the document from your terminal, select "Seascape" mode in the Postscript:Orientation menu of the X-Windows Browser.
Comprehensive Shift Documentation.
Condo Docs With Keyword Search.
Offline Documentation
Index of topics.
Online Documentation
Index of topics.
Online Logs
Runlogs, Shiftlogs, Tapelists and ACQlogs from the Condo.
PASS1 Documentation
Documentation for PASS1 Production.
PASS1 Shiftlist
Current Shift List for PASS1 Production Monitoring.
PASS1 Logs
Shift Logs and Run Summaries from PASS1 Production.
SLAC Tapes
E871 tapes at SLAC.
Cumulative Data Uploaded
Graessle Cumulative Data Plots for 95 and 96.
Shift List
for 1996 Data Taking Run at BNL.
Docs and Guides
Hardware Documentation Maintained at UCI.
UTA Documentation
UT at Austin Front Page for E871.
UCI Documentation
Irvine Front Page for E871.
William and Mary Documentation
William and Mary HEP Front Page.