MORTRAN Documentation

We are using Mortran3, which is an upgrade of the old Mortran2. The old Mortran2 documentation explains Mortran more simply than does the Mortran3 documentation, so it is a useful reference. The original Mortran3 manual is available only in hardcopy. This is:
	Computation Research Group Technical Memorandum 209
	"Mortran3 User's Guide", by A. James Cook.
E871 Collaborators can request it from:
	Judy Meo:  (415)926-2805 or
	George Irwin:  (415)926-2808.
In addition it may be helpful to browse through the SLD WWW pages on Mortran listed below:

SLD Mortran Users' Guide: INTRODUCTION

SLD Mortran Users' Guide: Language Structure

SLD Mortran Crib Sheet

SLD Mortran Compilation Errors

IMPORTANT NOTE: SLD Mortran has three major differences with ours. In the first two we differ from official SLAC Mortran as well. We retain the Mortran2 conventions in these two.

(1) SLD uses square brackets [ ] to set off blocks. We use angle

(2) Because we use angle brackets for blocks, we don't use angle
    brackets as alternative forms of .LT. and .GT., unlike SLD.

(3) SLD uses special Mortran Macros to enforce their coding rules and to
    implement their dynamnic data model, Jazelle. We have some unique
    Macro extensions for E871.