Agenda for E159/E160/E161 Collaboration Meeting

Date: 20 August 2001
Where: Training Center A, SLAC
9:00 Keith Griffioen Welcome, and Overview of Agenda
9:05 Steve Williams Perspective of Lab Management
9:15 Ken Baird Compatibility of E160 with E158
9:30 Bill Olson Project Engineering / Management / Schedule
9:50 Peter Bosted E160 Spectrometer Design and Background Simulations
9:50 Lew Keller Muon Backgrounds from the Photon Beam Line
10:40 coffee break
11:00 Ross Hicks Compton Polarimeter
11:20 Stan Mao Photon Beam Radiation Safety
11:40 Dieter Walz Photon Beam Goniometer / Pin Cushion Monitors
12:10 Lunch
1:30 Roger Erickson Photon Beam Project Magnets / Dump / Schedule
1:50 Keith Griffioen Measuring Linear Polarization with Bether-Heitler Pairs
2:00 Keith Griffioen E160 Hodoscope Design
2:20 Perry Anthony E160 DAQ and Software
2:40 John Weisend E160 Target
3:00 break
3:20 Peter Bosted E161 Spectrometer Design Issues
3:40 Don Crabb Discussion of E159/E161 Polarized Target Design Issues
4:00 all Discussions of entire group, including:
  • Schedule
  • Collaborator responsibilities
  • Next collaboration meeting
  • Anything else anybody cares to bring up
5:00 Adjourn

Last updated: 21 August 2001