\ Agenda for 11 January 2002 Meeting

Agenda for E159/E160/E161 Collaboration Meeting

Date: 11 January 2002
Where: Room 204 Physics Building, McCormick Rd., University of Virginia
9:00 D. Crabb Welcome
9:05 P. Anthony Overall Schedule/Project Management
9:20 D. Walz Photon Beam Overview
9:40 R. Arnold Spent Electron Detectors
9:50 D. Pocanic Beam Cherenkov Detector
10:00 R. Avakian Diamonds / Compton Polarimeter
10:15 Coffee Break
10:35 G. Peterson Compton Polarimeter
10:50 U. Uggerhoj Experiment NA43
11:10 K. Griffoen E160 Physics
11:40 P. Bosted E160 Spectrometer and Bkgnds
12:05 T. Weber E160 Target Mover
12:20 J. Dunne E160 Targets
12:30 D. Thein E160 Detectors
12:45 K. Griffioen E160 Detectors
12:55 B. Olson E160 Costs and Schedule
13:10 LUNCH
14:30 S. Rock E161 Physics
15:00 D. Crabb E161 Target
15:15 P. McKee Target and Magnet Controls
15:30 J. Weisend E161 magnet (with photo )
15:45 COFFEE
16:05 J. Pierce E161 Target Dilution Factor
16:20 S. Penttila Dilution Fridge Issues
16:35 S. Kuhn E161 Spectrometer Design
16:55 P. Bosted E159 Physics
17:15 D. Crabb E159 Target
17:25 G. Cates GDH with He3 Target
Discussion on previous talks
Task Assignments
Next Collaboration Meeting


Last updated: 28 January 2002