Agenda for May 18, 2001 Real Photon Collaboration Meeting
Date: Friday, May 18, 2001
Where: Training Center A/B, SLAC
9:00 Peter Bosted Welcome, and overview of Agenda
9:05 Steve Williams Perspective of Lab Management
9:15 Perry Anthony Project Management, Schedule
9:30 Bill Olson Project Engineering
9:45 Peter Bosted Photon Beam Simulations
10:10 Ted Fieguth Photon Beam Goniometer
10:25 Roger Erickson Photon Beam Dump
10:35 Dieter Walz Photon Beam Collimator, Position Measurements, etc.
10:50 coffee break
11:10 Ray Arnold Photon Beam Flux, Intensity Measurements
11:20 Sayed Rokni Photon Beam Radiation Safety
11:30 Keith Griffioen E160 Physics
12:00 Peter Bosted E160 Physics/Experimental Requirements
12:30 lunch
1:30 Peter Bosted E160 Spectrometer Design
2:00 Piotr Decowski E160 Simulations
2:20 Steve Rock E161 Goals and Requirements
2:45 break
3:00 Vahe Ghazikhanian E160/E161 Detectors
3:30 Don Crabb E161 Polarized target
4:00 John Weisend E161 Polarized target
    Discussions of entire group, including:
  • Collaborator responsibilities (Target, Software,...)
  • Preparations for July Review
  • Next collaboration meeting: will be in mid August.
  • Anything else anybody cares to bring up
5:30 Adjourn

Peter Bosted
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Last updated: 5 May 2001