Agenda for E159/E160/E161 Collaboration Meeting

Date: February 10, 2001
Where: Orange Room, SLAC

Morning Session: Review of the experiments, with emphasis on experimental requirements.

9:30 Peter Bosted Welcome, and overview of Agenda
9:35 Steve Williams Perspective of Lab Management
9:45 Tim Thurston Project Management/System Engineering
10:00 Keith Griffioen The E160 experiment (J/psi)
10:45 coffee break
11:00 Steve Rock The E161 experiment (Open Charm)
11:45 Peter Bosted The E159 experiment (GDH Sum Rule)
12:15 all Discussion and vote on order of experiments: E160, E161, then E159 was decided upon).

Afternoon Session: Review of photon beam, polarized target, and detectors. Discussions focused on who will be taking responsibility for the various tasks, and what the scope and possible timeline for these tasks are.

1:30 Peter Bosted Overview of photon beam
1:55 Dieter Walz Photon Beam: Text and Drawings (from DOE Review)
2:20 Armen Apyan Optimization of crystal orientation
2:45 break
3:00 Don Crabb Polarized target
3:20 John Weisend Polarized target (SLAC support)
3:30 Keith Griffioen W.M. and O.D.U. hodoscope building effort
3:50 Vahe Ghazikhanian UCLA hodoscope building effort
4:00 Perry Anthony Electronics and DAQ
4:15 Piotr Decowski GEANT simulations
4:30 all Discussions of entire group, including:
  • Name of collaboration (Real Photon Collaboration?)
  • Collaborator responsibilities
  • next collaboration meeting
  • Structure of collaboration
  • Anything else anybody cares to bring up
5:30 Adjourn

Peter Bosted
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Last updated: 9 February 2001