b-tag subgroup 

ATLAS Physics Analysis Retreat (Mar/07 SLAC)

Basic Startup Projects:

What flavor one labels a jet is tricky in MC (is it a b, c, light, or tau?). ATLAS has an algorithm with a very small delta-R cut between the jet axis and the meson. Is this appropriate? This involves looking at MC truth, tag rates, as a function of delta-R, etc.


Flavor Tagging Working Group Wiki
Official b-tagging (R12) Tutorial
    the SLAC copy of samples for the release 12 tutorial are located at $ATLROOT/work/data1/btag/tutorial/ 
b-tagging Session at Oct/06 Trigger&Physics Week

Data Samples

    Note that these CSC11 samples have incompatible EDM  with the latest release 12 code.