Running ATLAS Workbook at SLAC

It is useful to run the ATLAS workbook at CERN first to get familiarized with the general ATLAS software setup, then try the workbook from the SLAC environment. You also need to take note of the SLAC ATLAS computing environment info to recognize the differences between the current SLAC setup and CERN, including disk space for ATLAS work at SLAC. First some general points about using Atlas software at SLAC:

Explicit Instructions for Running Athena at SLAC

First Time Only Set Up
This should be very similar to the setup in the CERN ATLAS workbook. Using a new release
To check out additional packages Disk space

The Workbook at SLAC

The ATLAS workbook at CERN should now run without any additional modifications, just as it does at CERN.

To setup a release each time you log in

Simply do: To Simulate Events on the Batch System at SLAC


If you get any of the below problems while working at SLAC, please post them to the Non-Grid Jobs at SLAC forum in ATLAS Hypernews. They should have all been resolved, so these fixes should be unnecessary.

Last edited by Andy Haas on Mar. 19, 2009