SLAC Apartment #2

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3 Rue de la Prairie
Batiment G1
App 801
01630 St Genis-Pouilly


+33 (0)

Directions from CERN

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There are four keys for the apartment:

Connecting to the Internet (updated 7/18/13)

Indoor Parking

There is one indoor parking space. It is perhaps too inconvenient to use on a daily basis.

The driveway to the garage is under the walkway to building entrance. Use the remote control for the vehicular gate. The upper red button in this picture opens the gate. It closes on a timer. Drive forward and look for a space with an overhead chalk label "10". Use the key in this picture to unlock the door to the parking space.

If you are walking in, hold the thingamajig on the left side of this picture near another thingamajig on the gate, and pull open the door.


There are parking places just beyond the driveway to the underground garage. There are also many parking spaces in the shopping center just before you reached the apartment.


Here are some pictures courtesy of Tom Markiewicz. The living room, patio area and kitchen: living room, patio, kitchen, bedroom 1, bedroom 2, bedroom 3, and bathroom.

House rules


Occupants are expected to clean up after themselves in common areas such as kitchen and bathroom as well as bedrooms. In addition, a cleaning lady comes every two weeks. You may need to meet her to let her in.

The vacuum cleaner is made by Trisa Electronica, Model Dynamico 1800. You can find replacement bags at many stores such as Media Mart.


Trash is separated into


To dispose of non-recycable trash, there is a small room right next to the apartment. It is behind the door on your right hand side as you step out of the apartment. The light switch is on the left as you enter the room. In the far right corner is a metal contraption that opens to a shaft behind the wall. Open the lid and push the pedal to drop your trash bag. Please read the instructions and do not shove in big objects like cardboard boxes as that might clog the shaft and then the trash of the entire building will pile up all the way to the roof.


For recycables, there is a set of yellow, blue and green containers in the basement, close to the metal backdoor. You need the building key to get there from either inside or outside. There is also a glass container on the left parking lot as you come out of the bulding, as well as a complete set of recycling containers at the edge of the big parking lot on the right, which you pass by when you leave towards CERN.

Garbage collection appears to be on Friday mornings.


This still needs to be completed

Items we bought for the apartment

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3



Living Room

Current Issues

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