Proceedings of the 1998 
International Computational Accelerator Physics Conference

Modeling Advanced Accelerator Concepts
Beam-Beam Simulations
Computing Wakefield Effects
Particle and Field Simulations

Complete Proceedings (PDF) 19MB

FTU02 Experience with the CLASSIC Library for MAD Version 9 
     F. C. Iselin (CERN)
FTU03 LEGO - A Class Library for Particle Accelerator Design and Simulation 
     Y. Cai  (SLAC)
FTU05 The Accelerator Description Exchange Format 
     N.  Malitsky  (Cornell U)
FTU06 Matlab-Like Environment for Accelerator Modeling and Simulation 
     H. Nishimura  (LBNL)
FTU09 A Simple Real Time Beam Tuning Program for the KEKB Injector Linac 
     J. Flanagan (KEK)
FTU10 A Universal Postprocessing Toolkit for Accelerator Simulation and Data Analysis 
     M. Borland (ANL)

CTU01 Models and Simulation of Beam Halo Dynamics in High-Power Proton Linacs 
     T. Wangler (LANL)

CTU03 A Multigrid-Based Approach to Modeling a High-Current Superconducting Linac for Waste Transmutation 
     P. Pierini (INFN) 

CTU04 Simulation and Observation of the Long Time Evolution of the Longitudinal Instability in a Storage Ring Oliver
     Boine-Frankenheim (GSI)
CTU05 Analytical Model of Halo Formation
     R. Gluckstern  (U Maryland)
CTU07 Halo Formation in 3D Bunches with Self-Consistent Stationary Distribution 
     A. Fedotov (U Maryland)
CTU08 New Methods in WARP 
     D. Grote (LLNL)
CTU09 Unique Features of the University of Maryland Electron Ring and the Necessity of  PIC Code Simulation 
     R. Kishak (U Maryland)


FWE14 On Solving Maxwellian Eigenvalue Problems for Accelerating Cavities
     P. Arbenz  (ETH-Zurich)
FWE15 Improved GdfidL with Generalized Diagonal Fillings and Reduced Memory and CPU Requirements 
     W. Bruns (TU-Berlin)
FWE21 Self-Consistent Model for the Beams in Accelerators
     A. Novokhatski (TU-Darmstadt)
FWE25 Using Symbolic Algebra for the Generation of Orbit Simulation Codes from Hamiltonians 
     A. Adelmann (PSI)
CWE13 The Framework of United Accelerator Libraries
     N. Malitsky (Cornell U)
CWE15 JPP: A Particle Tracking Code with Java 
     R. Hajima  (U of Tokyo) 
CWE16 Implementation of Object-Oriented Design with Fortran Language in Beam Dynamics Studies 
     J. Qiang (LANL)


CWE21 An Application Framework and Graphic User Interface for Multiple Accelerator Codes
     B. Hill (Gillespie Assoc.)
CWE25  Measurements and Visualization of the Transverse Phase-Space Topology at LEP
     G. Morpurgo (CERN)
CWE26 Using 3-D Perspectives as a Visualization Tool for Phase Space Data 
      G. Gillespie (Gillespie Assoc.)
STH04 New Method for Klystron Modeling
     Y. H. Chin (KEK)
FTH12 Numerical Studies of Wake Excitation in Plasma Channels
     B. A. Shadwick  (LBNL)
FTH22 Beam-Beam Simulations with the Gaussian Code TRS 
     M. Furman (LBNL) 
FTH23 ODYSSEUS: A Dynamic Strong-Strong Beam-Beam Simulation for Storage Rings 
     E. Anderson (Cornell)
FTH24 Beam-Beam Simulations with GUINEA-PIG
     D. Schulte (CERN)


CTH11 Transitions Dynamics of the Wakefields of Ultra Short Bunches 
     A. Novokhatski (TU-Darmstadt)
CTH12 Calculations of the Short-Range Longitudinal Wakefields in the NLC Linac
     K. Bane (SLAC) 
CTH13 The Surface Roughness Wakefield Effect
     M. Timm (TU-Darmstadt)
CTH14 Wake of a Rough Beam Wall Surface 
     K. Bane (SLAC)


CTH23 Calculations of Impedance for Multiple Waveguide Junction Using Scattering Matrix Formulation
     V. Dolgashev (Novosibirsk) 
CTH24 The 30 GHZ Transfer Structure for the CLIC Study
     G. Carron (CERN)
CTH25 Field Flatness and Non-Stationary Behaviour of the 4*7-Cell-Tesla_Superstructure
     H. Glock (U Rostock-Germany)


LTU02 Multi-Platform Graphic User Interface for the Marylie Charged Particle Beam Transport Code
     G. Gillespie (Gillespie Assoc.)
LTU04 The CERN/SL XDataviewer: An Interactive Graphical Tool for Data Visualization and Editing
     G. Morpurgo (CERN)
LTU06 Techniques for Robust Nonlinear Delta-F Simulations of Beams
     A. Friedman (LLNL)
LTU07 Dynamic Space Charge Calculations for High Intensity Beams in Rings
     J. Holmes (ORNL)
LTU10 Map Computation from Magnetic Field Data and Application to the LHC High Gradient Quadrupoles
     M. Venturini (U Maryland)
LTU11 Functional Dependence, Broad-Band Fitting, and Ancillary Conditions
     D. Carey (FNAL)
LTU13 Transient Magnetic Field Analysis for the Localization of Electrical Faults in Superconducting Collared Coils
     P. Komorowski (CERN)
LTU16 Analysis of Emittance Growth and Complex Impedance for Coherent Synchrotron Radiation Shielded by Two Parallel Plates
     R. Hajima (U Tokyo)
LTU17 Calculations of Eigenmodes in Superconducting Cavities on APE-Supercomputers Using a Software Interface to MAFIA
     F. Neugebauer (DESY)
LTU19 Investigation of the Impedance and Higher Order Mode Losses for Proposed Beam Pipe Configurations for the Hera Luminosity Upgrade Project
     M Dohlus (DESY)
LTU20 Design of 2x2 DLDS RF Components for JLC
     J. Q. Wang  (KEK)
LTU21 Electromagnetic Modeling of Fast Beam Chopper for SNS Project
     S. S. Kurennoy (LANL)
LTU28 Progress in Parallelizing XOOPIC
     P. Mardahl  (UC Berkeley)
LTU30 Thermal-Photon and Residual-Gas Scattering in the NLC Beam Delivery
     I. Reichel (SLAC)


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