SLAC eConf C21-03-15.1 edited by James E. Brau, University of Oregon



Scientific Programme and Conveners



A2: Sources
Khaled Alharbi, Sabine Riemann,
Ayash Alrashdi, Gudrid Moortgat-Pick,
Andriy Ushakov, Peter Sievers
Photon Masks for the ILC Positron Source
with 175 and 250 GeV Electron Drive Beam
arxiv: 2106.00074
M. Formela, N. Hamann, K. Floettmann,
G. Moortgat-Pick, S. Riemann
Designing a Plasma Lens as a Matching Device for the ILC Positron Source arxiv: 2105.14008

PD1: Theoretical Developments
F. Arco, S. Heinemeyer, M.J. Herrero Sizable triple Higgs couplings in the 2HDM: Prospects for future e+e- colliders arxiv: 2105.06976
Johannes Braathen, Shinya Kanemura,
Makoto Shimoda
Two-loop corrections to the Higgs trilinear coupling in BSM models with classical scale invariance arxiv: 2105.02713
Manimala Chakraborti, Sven Heinemeyer,
Ipsita Saha
Improved (g-2)μ Measurements and Supersymmetry : Implications for e+e- colliders arxiv: 2105.06408
Long Chen Forward-backward asymmetries of the heavy quark pair production in e+e- collisions at O(αs2) arxiv: 2105.06213
Sven Heinemeyer, C. Li, F. Lika,
G. Moortgat-Pick, S. Paasch
A 96 GeV Higgs Boson in the 2HDMS: e+e- collider prospects arxiv: 2105.11189
Adil Jueid Phenomenology of Minimal Leptophilic Dark Matter Models at Linear Colliders arxiv: 2105.02921
Tania Robens The THDMa revisited -- A preview arxiv: 2105.06231
Thi Nhung Dao, Margarete Mühlleitner,
Shruti Patel, Kodai Sakurai
Precision Predictions for Charged Higgs Boson Decays in the Real and Complex NMSSM arxiv: 2105.08454
Pascal Stienemeier et al. WHIZARD 3.0: Status and News arxiv: 2104.11141
Shuichiro Funatsu, Hisaki Hatanaka,
Yutaka Hosotani, Yuta Orikasa,
Naoki Yamatsu
Linear Collider Signals of Z′ Bosons in GUT Inspired Gauge-Higgs Unification arxiv: 2103.16320

PD1/PD2: Theoretical Developments / Global Interpretations
Aoife Bharucha, Giacomo Cacciapaglia,
Aldo Deandrea, Naveen Gaur,
Daisuke Harada, Farvah Mahmoudi,
K. Sridhar
Di-Higgs production (γ γ → h h) in Composite Models arxiv: 2105.11030

PD1/PD3: Theoretical Developments / Physics Analyses
Tatjana Agatonovic Jovin et al. Probing the CP properties of the Higgs sector at ILC arxiv: 2105.06530
Joaquin Masias Resolving a challenging supersymmetric low-scale seesaw scenario at the ILC arxiv: 2105.14340
Amanda Steinhebel, Jim Brau,
Chris Potter
Higgs-to-invisible Prospects with SiD arxiv: 2105.00128

PD2: Global Interpretations
François Richard Global interpretation of LHC indications within the Georgi-Machacek Higgs model arxiv: 2103.12639
Jorge Alda, Jaume Guasch,
Siannah Penaranda
Anomalies in B mesons decays: Present status and future collider prospects arxiv: 2105.05095
Jakob Beyer, Jenny List Isolating systematic effects with beam polarisation at e+e- colliders arxiv: 2105.09691

PD3: Physics Analyses
Y. Aoki, K. Fujii, J. Tian Study of the hγZ coupling at the ILC arxiv: 2105.06665
Kacarevic Goran et al. Measurement of the Higgs to di-photon branching fraction at 3 TeV CLIC arxiv: 2105.06795
Susanne Kuehn Impact of the HL-LHC detector upgrades on the physics program of the ATLAS and CMS experiments arxiv: 2105.11514
Jonas Kunath, Fabricio Jimenez Morales,
Jean-Claude Brient, Vincent Boudry
A combined fit to the Higgs Branching Ratios at ILD arxiv: 2105.05718
M.T. Núñez Pardo de Vera,
M. Berggren, J. List
Stau searches at the ILC arxiv: 2105.08616
Chris Potter SiD Simulation & Analysis for ILC Snowmass Physics LoIs arxiv: 2106.00819
Natasa Vukasinovic et al. Measurement of the H to ZZ branching fraction at 350 GeV and 3 TeV CLIC arxiv: 2105.06792

PD3/PD4: Physics Analyses / Software & Detector Performance
Yasser Radkhorrami, Jenny List Conceptual aspects for the improvement of the reconstruction of b- and c-jets at e+e- Higgs Factories with ParticleFlow detectors arxiv: 2105.08480
Juan Fuster, Adrian Irles, Germán Rodrigo,
Seidai Tairafune, Marcel Vos,
Hitoshi Yamamoto, Ryo Yonamine
Prospects for the measurement of the b-quark mass at the ILC arxiv: 2104.09924

PD4: Software & Detector Performance
Shin-ichi Kawada The mini-DST: a high-level LCIO format arxiv: 2105.08622
Hiroaki Ono, Akiya Miyamoto Status of ILD new 250 GeV common MC sample production arxiv: 2105.06040

PD4/PD5: Software & Detector Performance / Tracking Detectors
Federica Cuna et al. Simulation of particle identification with the cluster counting technique arxiv: 2105.07064

PD4/PD6: Software & Detector Performance / Calorimeters
Bohdan Dudar, Jenny List,
Ulrich Einhaus, Remi Ete
Prospects of fast timing detectors for particle identification at future Higgs factories arxiv: 2105.12495
Lorenz Emberger Analysis of Testbeam Data Recorded with the Large CALICE AHCAL Technological Prototype arxiv: 2105.08497
Héctor García Cabrera SDHCAL technological prototype test beam results arxiv: 2105.06585

PD5: Tracking Detectors
Nicolas T. Fourches, Geraldine Hallais,
Charles Renard
Beyond the CMOS sensors: the DoTPiX pixel concept and technology for the International Linear Collider arxiv: 2105.05900v3
Lingxin Meng ATLAS ITk Pixel Detector Overview arxiv: 2105.10367
Thomas Rudzki et al. The Mu3e experiment: Toward the construction of an HV-MAPS vertex detector arxiv: 2106.03534

PD6: Calorimeters
Merve Nazlim Agaras The ATLAS Tile Calorimeter performance and its upgrade towards the High-Luminosity LHC arxiv: 2105.09099
Stefano Argiro' Precision Calorimetry at HL-LHC: Upgrade of the CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter arxiv: 2106.05199
Ivan Smiljanic et al. Integrated luminosity measurement at CEPC arxiv: 2105.06245

PD7/A3/A4: MDI / BDS / CFS
Yasuhiro Sugimoto Possible benefit of longer L* for detectors at ILC arxiv: 2105.05477

N3: Beams for Accelerator and Detector R&D and Irradiation
V. I. Telnov A high luminosity superconducting twin e+e- linear collider with energy recovery arxiv: 2105.11015