SLAC eConf C1907293 edited by Louise Skinnari, Northeastern University


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Contributed Talks

Astroparticles & CMB
Conveners: L. Bleem, L. Newburgh, K. Perez
F. Dimiccoli, et al. Cosmic Ray isotopes measured by AMS02 [ arXiv:1910.07053 [hep-ex] ]
M. Molero, et al. Anisotropy of Cosmic Ray Fluxes Measured with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the ISS [ arXiv:1910.06919 [astro-ph.HE] ]
D. Rozza Observation of Complex Time Structures in the Cosmic Ray Fluxes by the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the ISS [ arXiv:1909.09088 [astro-ph.HE] ]

Cosmology & Dark Energy
Conveners: N. Sehgal, M. Troxel, V. Miranda
S. Ketov Inflation, Dark Energy and Dark Matter in Supergravity [ arXiv:1909.05599 [hep-th] ]

Dark Matter
Conveners: R. Mahapatra, B. Safdi, L. Winslow
C. Bravo The Heavy Photon Search Experiment [ arXiv:1910.04886 [hep-ex] ]
A. Frankenthal Searching for Dark Photons with PADME [ arXiv:1910.00764 [physics.ins-det] ]
S. Lee, et al. CAPP-8TB: Search for Axion Dark Matter in a Mass Range of 6.62 to 7.04 μeV [ arXiv:1910.00047 [hep-ex] ]

Neutrino Physics
Conveners: P. Denton, M. Dolinski, R. Guenette, K. Mahn
N. Byrnes, et al. Barium Tagging with Selective, Dry-Functional, Single Molecule Sensitive On-Off Fluorophores for the NEXT Experiment [ arXiv:1909.04677 [physics.ins-det] ]
K. Duffy High-Pressure Gaseous Argon TPC for the DUNE Near Detector [ arXiv:1910.06422 [physics.ins-det] ]
O. Kyzylova A Search for Sterile Neutrinos with PROSPECT [ arXiv:1910.06314 [hep-ex] ]
R. Rapp COHERENT Plans for D2O at the Spallation Neutron Source [ arXiv:1910.00630 [physics.ins-det] ]
P. T. Surukuchi Measurement of the Reactor Antineutrino Spectrum from 235U Fission using PROSPECT [ arXiv:1910.04924 [hep-ex] ]

Beyond Standard Model Physics
Conveners: S. Gori, L. Lee, V. Martinez Outschoorn, C. Rogan
R. E. Allen, et al. Gauge couplings in a multicomponent dark matter scenario [ arXiv:1910.09950 [physics.gen-ph] ]
A. Aboubrahim, P. Nath LHC phenomenology with hidden sector dark matter: a long-lived stau and heavy Higgs in an observable range [ arXiv:1909.08684 [hep-ph] ]
B. R. Edwards Neutral Mesons and Nonminimal CPT violation [ arXiv:1909.11115 [hep-ph] ]
C. Gatto The REDTOP experiment [ arXiv:1910.08505 [physics.ins-det] ]
R. Hong Magnetic Field Measurement and Analysis for the Muon g-2 Experiment [ arXiv:1909.13742 [physics.ins-det] ]
Z. Li Searching for Lorentz violation in high-energy colliders [ arXiv:1909.13782 [hep-ph] ]
N. McColl Searching for resonant HH production in the bb→qq′ℓν final state at CMS [ arXiv:1909.12875 [hep-ex] ]
V. Papavassiliou Exploration of the Dark Sector with the Fermilab Dimuon Experiment [ arXiv:1910.07142 [physics.ins-det] ]
E. Resseguie Search for chargino-neutralino production using an emulated recursive jigsaw reconstruction technique in three-lepton final states with the ATLAS detector [ arXiv:1910.06448 [hep-ex] ]
M. Staelens Recent Results and Future Plans of the MoEDAL Experiment [ arXiv:1910.05772 [hep-ex] ]
R. Volpe Physics beyond SM with kaons from NA62 [ arXiv:1910.09422 [hep-ex] ]
R. Volpe Search for exotic decays at NA62 [ arXiv:1910.10429 [hep-ex] ]
K. Yoshihara Search for direct stop pair production with the ATLAS detector [ arXiv:1910.05162 [hep-ex] ]

Higgs & Electroweak Physics
Conveners: A. Belloni, A. Kotwal, Z. Liu, D. Sperka, C. Vernieri
P. Baringer, M. Gouzevitch, A. Kropivnitskaya Predictions for the Higgs boson mass measurement precision as a function of its transverse momentum up to 1 TeV for LHC and high luminosity LHC [ arXiv:1909.13116 [hep-ph] ]
J. Rosenzweig Higgs boson mass measurement using H→ZZ→4ℓ decays at CMS [ arXiv:1910.09607 [hep-ex] ]

Top Quark Physics
Conveners: N. Kidonakis, R. Schwienhorst, L. Skinnari
C. Fangmeier Search for Standard Model Production of Four Top Quarks [ arXiv:1910.06427 [hep-ex] ]
M. Forslund, N. Kidonakis Soft-gluon corrections for single top quark production in association with electroweak bosons [ arXiv:1909.02619 [hep-ph] ]
N. Kidonakis Theoretical predictions for top-quark production processes [ arXiv:1909.05164 [hep-ph] ]

Quark & Lepton Flavor
Conveners: W. Altmannshofer, B. Beckford, B. Echenard, M. Williams
B. Beckford New results on the search for rare kaon events with the KOTO detector [ arXiv:1910.07148 [hep-ex] ]
A. Gunawardana Reevaluating the uncertainties in B¯→Xsγ [ arXiv:1909.09081 [hep-ph] ]
M. Hutcheson Status on the Search for K0L→π0νν with the KOTO Experiment [ arXiv:1910.07585 [hep-ex] ]
G. Lukicov The Fermilab Muon g—2 straw tracking detectors, internal tracker alignment, and the muon EDM measurement [ arXiv:1909.12900 [physics.ins-det] ]
T. Mehen, A. Mohapatra Double Heavy baryons and Corrections to Heavy Quark-Diquark Symmetry Prediction for Hyperfine Splitting [ arXiv:1910.05337 [hep-ph] ]

QCD & Heavy Ions
Conveners: R. Boughezal, O. Evdokimov, S. Rappoccio, D. Tapia Takaki
I. Balossino Exotic Charmonium at BESIII [ arXiv:1910.07128 [hep-ex] ]
N. Magdy Beam-energy dependence of the azimuthal anisotropic flow from RHIC [ arXiv:1909.09640 [nucl-ex] ]
J. C. Martens, J. P. Ralston, D. Tapia Takaki Quantum Tomography Measures Entanglement in Collider Reactions [ arXiv:1910.06311 [hep-ph] ]
G. Paz The Proton Radius Puzzle [ arXiv:1909.08108 [hep-ph] ]

Field & String Theory
Conveners: M. Cvetic, X. Yin
M. Moshe A Talk on 3d Matter Coupled to Chern-Simons Field, Spontaneous Breaking of Scale Invariance, and Fermion-Boson Mapping [ arXiv:1910.05867 [hep-th] ]

Particle Detectors
Conveners: J. Mans, B. Penning, B. Rebel, G. Fernandez-Moroni
E. Brown, et al. Nano-tracking detector for neutrinoless double beta decay characterization [ arXiv:1910.08164 [physics.ins-det] ]
L. Bäni, et al. Recent Results from Polycrystalline CVD Diamond Detectors [ arXiv:1910.07621 [physics.ins-det] ]
S. Gao Low Noise Cold Electronics System for SBND LAr TPC [ arXiv:1910.06434 [physics.ins-det] ]
A. Hart Level 1 Track Finder at CMS [ arXiv:1910.06614 [physics.ins-det] ]
G. Karagiorgi Liquid Argon TPC Trigger Development with SBND [ arXiv:1910.08218 [physics.ins-det] ]
M. Schmidt, et al. The Innovative Design of the Endcap Disc DIRC Detector for PANDA at FAIR [ arXiv:1909.09780 [physics.ins-det] ]
E. Tiras Detector R&D for ANNIE and Future Neutrino Experiments [ arXiv:1910.08715 [physics.ins-det] ]
A. Tishelman-Charny Optimizing the Performance of the CMS ECAL Trigger for Runs 2 and 3 of the CERN LHC [ arXiv:1910.06232 [physics.ins-det] ]
P. Weigel, et al. Development and characterization of noble solid bolometers [ arXiv:1910.06276 [physics.ins-det] ]
G. Zhang, et al. The Measurement of Position Resolution of RD53A Pixel Modules [ arXiv:1908.10973 [physics.ins-det] ]

Conveners: P. Muggli, A. Shiltsev, S. Verdu-Andres

Computing, Analysis Tools, & Data Handling
Conveners: M. Hildreth, B. Jayatilaka, M. Kirby, P. Onyisi
X. Ai Acts: A common tracking software [ arXiv:1910.03128 [physics.ins-det] ]
K. Bhattacharya, C. Jackson Supervised learning of photoelectron counting in scintillator-based dark matter experiments [ arXiv:1910.00442 [physics.ins-det] ]
A. Schuy, et al. Extending RECAST for Truth-Level Reinterpretations [ arXiv:1910.10289 [] ]
E. Usai End-to-end particle and event identification at the Large Hadron Collider with CMS Open Data [ arXiv:1910.07029 [hep-ex] ]
S. Yu Electron Neutrino Energy Reconstruction in NOvA Using CNN Particle IDs [ arXiv:1910.06953 [physics.ins-det] ]

Diversity & Inclusion
Conveners: B. Beckford, C. Mills

Education & Outreach
Conveners: K. Jepsen, K. Pitts
K. Assamagan, M. Laassiri The African School of Fundamental Physics and Applications (ASP) [ arXiv:1909.06309 [physics.ed-ph] ]
K. Cecire, R. Dower New Directions in International Masterclasses [ arXiv:1910.00522 [physics.ed-ph] ]


B. J. Rosser Verification of Readout Electronics in the ATLAS ITk Strips Detector [ arXiv:1910.06694 [physics.ins-det] ]
H. Duyang, et al. Enhancing the LBNF Physics Programs With A high-resolution Magnetized Detector [ arXiv:1910.06823 [physics.ins-det] ]
R. Ehrlich Simulation of Scintillator Counters with Embedded Wavelength-Shifting Fibers [ arXiv:1910.04846 [physics.ins-det] ]
Y.A. Garnica, R. Martinez A U(1)X extension to the SM with three families and Peccei Quinn symmetry [ arXiv:1909.11779 [hep-ph] ]
J. S. Alvarado, C. E. Diaz, R. Martinez A U(1)X extension to the MSSM with three families [ arXiv:1909.02891 [hep-ph] ]
H. Woodward Fabrication of a Cosmic Ray Veto System for the Mu2e Experiment [ arXiv:1910.00690 [physics.ins-det] ]
S. Yu Cherenkov Light in Liquid Scintillator at the NOvA Experiment [ arXiv:1910.07035 [physics.ins-det] ]
A. Zettel, M. Horoi Novel matter effects on neutrino oscillations observables [ arXiv:1909.10585 [hep-ph] ]