SLAC eConf C17-10-23.2 edited by James E. Brau, University of Oregon






Sabine Riemann, et al. The ILC positron target cooled by thermal radiation arxiv:1801.10565
Andriy Ushakov, et al. Undulator-Based Positron Source at 250 GeV CM Energy with Different Optical Matching Devices: Pulsed Flux Concentrator and Quarter Wave Transformer arxiv:1801.08465
Khaled Alharbi, et al. The Energy Deposition on the ILC Realistic Undulator Wall arxiv:1802.00345

W. Kilian, et al. New Developments in WHIZARD Version 2.6 arxiv:1801.08034
Jürgen Reuter, et al. Exclusive top production at a Linear Collider at and off the threshold arxiv:1801.08083
P. Drechsel, et al. Sensitivity of the ILC to light Higgs masses arxiv:1801.09662
Johannes Brandstetter on behalf of the ATLAS, CMS Collaborations Higgs boson results on couplings to fermions, CP parameters and perspectives for HL-LHC (ATLAS AND CMS) arxiv:1801.07926
W.G. Hollik Higgs Inflation at the LC arxiv:1801.04256
Lukas Altenkamp, et al. Higgs-boson decay to four fermions in the Two-Higgs-Doublet Model and Prophecy4f arxiv:1802.00419
Shin-ichi Kawada, et al. Branching ratio measurement of h → μ+ μ- at the ILC arxiv:1801.07966
Yan Wang, et al. Search for Light Scalars Produced in Association with Muon Pairs for √ s = 250 GeV at the ILC arxiv:1801.08164

Beyond the Standard Model
Stefan Antusch, et al. Probing the Seesaw Mechanism and Leptogenesis with the International Linear Collider arxiv:1801.06534
Hiroaki Yamashiro, et al. Study of fermion pair productions at the ILC with center-of-mass energy of 250 GeV arxiv:1801.04671
S. Heinemeyer, C. Schappacher Production of Electroweak SUSY Particles at ILC and CLIC arxiv:1801.05192
S. Heinemeyer New SUSY Fits for the ILC and CLIC arxiv:1801.05191
Daniel Dercks, Gudrid Moortgat-Pick Automatised ILC-Bounds on Dark Matter Models with CheckMATE arxiv:1801.08037

Georgios Konstantinos Krintiras (on behalf of the CMS Collaboration) Results on TOP physics from CMS arxiv:1801.08398
Aleksander Filip Zarnecki, Naomi van der Kolk Limits on top FCNC decay t → c H and t → c γ from CLIC at 380 GeV arxiv:1801.04585

Simulation/Detector Performance/Reconstruction
Anne Schütz Impact of the new ILC250 beam parameter set on the SiD vertex detector occupancy arising from e+ e- pair background arxiv:1801.04156
Linghui Liu Effect of optical crosstalk on performance of ILD AHCAL arxiv:1801.08395
Kostiantyn Shpak Separation of two electromagnetic or electromagnetic - hadronic showers in CALICE SiW ECAL and ILD arXiv:1802.00672

Aiko Shoji Measurement of dE/dx resolution of TPC prototype with gating GEM exposed to an electron beam arxiv:1801.04499
Ulrich Einhaus, et al. ROPPERI - A TPC readout with GEMs, pads and Timepix arxiv:1801.07178
Uwe Kraemer, et al. LYCORIS - A Large Area Strip Telescope arxiv:1801.08505
Machine Detector Interface/Integration/Polarization
V.I. Telnov Optimization of the beam crossing angle at the ILC for e+e- and gamma-gamma collisions arxiv:1801.10471

Message from Iwate Prefecture
Eisaku Nishiyama We Meet Again, Strasbourg | Iwate & the ILC LCWS 2017