SLAC eConf C170731 edited by M. Eads, Northern Illinois University


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Contributed Talks

Conveners: M. Palmer, M. Syphers, V. Yakimenko
C. M. Bhat and S. Bhat Beam Based RF Voltage Measurements and Longitudinal Beam Tomography at the Fermilab Booster [ arXiv:1710.07372 [physics.acc-ph] ]
T. Mohayai, et al. Novel Application of Density Estimation Techniques in Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment [ arXiv:1710.04780 [physics.acc-ph] ]

Neutrino Physics
Conveners: C. Grant, P. Huber, G. Karagiorgi, L. Whitehead
B. Behera Status of a Deep Learning Based Measurement of the Inclusive Muon Neutrino Charged-current Cross Section in the NOvA Near Detector [ arXiv:1710.03766 [hep-ex] ]
B. Behera, et al. Event Reconstruction in the NOvA Experiment [ arXiv:1710.03772 [physics.ins-det] ]
J. Bian Measurement of Neutrino-Electron Elastic Scattering at NOvA Near Detector [ arXiv:1710.03428 [hep-ex] ]
A. Diaz Status of Sterile Neutrino fits with Global Data [ arXiv:1710.04360 [hep-ex] ]
H. Duyang Measurement of Neutral Current Coherent π0 Production In The NOvA Near Detector [ arXiv:1710.00449 [hep-ex] ]
T. Jyoti Study of a New Target Design with an Additional Horn for NuMI Beam [ arXiv:1710.03699 [physics.ins-det] ]
D. Kalra Current Status for the Inclusive Neutral Current π0 production Cross Section Measurement with the NOvA Near Detector [ arXiv:1710.02601 [hep-ex] ]
V. Meddage Electron attenuation measurement using cosmic ray muons at the MicroBooNE LArTPC [ arXiv:1710.00396 [physics.ins-det] ]
A. Rafique Measurement of Reconstructed Charged Particle Multiplicities of Neutrino Interactions in MicroBooNE [ arXiv:1709.00146 [hep-ex] ]
P. Singh Extracting neutrino oscillation parameters using a simultaneous fit of the νe appearance and νμ disappearance data in the NOvA experiment [ arXiv:1710.03829 [hep-ex] ]
A. Tsaris Progress of the Charged Pion Semi-Inclusive Neutrino Charged Current Cross Section in NOvA [ arXiv:1710.03212 [hep-ex] ]
L. Yates MicroBooNE Investigation of Low-Energy Excess Using Deep Learning Algorithms [ arXiv:1710.00468 [physics.ins-det] ]

Higgs and EWSB
Conveners: T. Bose, L. Reina, J. Zhu
G. Hou Two Top Utilities of Two Higgs Doublets: Electroweak Baryogenesis and Alignment [ arXiv:1710.01773 [hep-ph] ]
N. Kidonakis Charged Higgs production with a W boson via b-quark annihilation [ arXiv:1709.06976 [hep-ph] ]
J. Strube Precision Higgs Measurements at the 250 GeV ILC [ arXiv:1709.10209 [hep-ex] ]

Quark and Lepton Flavor
Conveners: M. Artuso, H. Evans, A. Petrov
S. Baral and W. Wilcox The Thomas-Fermi quark model and mesonic matter [ arXiv:1710.00418 [hep-ph] ]
B. Beckford Present status of the search for the K0L→π0νν¯ decay with the KOTO detector at J-PARC [ arXiv:1710.01412 [hep-ex] ]
S. Cunliffe Prospects for rare B decays at Belle II [ arXiv:1708.09423 [hep-ex] ]
M. Diaz CP violation measurements in b hadrons at LHCb [ arXiv:1710.00091.09427 [hep-ex] ]
G. Eigen Exclusion of multifold solutions of the CKM Unitarity Triangle by a time-dependent Dalitz plot analysis of B¯0→D(∗)0h0 with D0→K0Sπ+π− decays combining BABAR and Belle data [ arXiv:1710.01603 [hep-ex] ]
D. E. Hazard Lepton flavor violating meson decays [ arXiv:1710.00117 [hep-ph] ]
B. Pal Recent results of charmed baryon decays at Belle [ arXiv:1708.02846 [hep-ex] ]
S. Sandilya Recent Results on Radiative and Electroweak Penguin decays at Belle [ arXiv:1709.03046 [hep-ex] ]
S. Su Kaon-Scatter Introduced Backgrounds in the KOTO Experiment [ arXiv:1710.00463 [hep-ex] ]
D. Tonelli A novel measurement of B0s and D−s lifetimes using semileptonic decays at LHCb [ arXiv:1710.02529 [hep-ex] ]

Beyond Standard Model
Conveners: P. Fox, Y. Gershtein, G. Redlinger
L. J. Broussard, et al. New Search for Mirror Neutrons at HFIR [ arXiv:1710.00767 [hep-ex] ]
P. Q. Hung A non-vanishing neutrino mass and the strong CP problem: A new solution from the perspective of the EW-νR model [ arXiv:1710.00498 [hep-ph] ]
M. Krohn and C. Vernieri Search for new resonances decaying into boosted W, Z and H bosons at CMS [ arXiv:1710.02217 [hep-ex] ]
Y. Meurice Critical behavior of SU(3) lattice gauge theory with 12 light flavors [ arXiv:1709.10017 [hep-lat] ]
W. Tang Search for Massive Bosons Decaying to Wg and Zg Using the ATLAS Detector [ arXiv:1710.00272 [hep-ph] ]
K. Yoshihara Search for 3rd generation superpartners with the ATLAS experiment [ arXiv:1710.02386 [hep-ex] ]

Particle Detectors
Conveners: A. Apresyan, M. Begel, J. Maricic
B. Behera Tracking Detector Performance and Data Quality in the NOvA Experiment [ arXiv:1710.03891 [physics.ins-det] ]
G. Eigen Gain Stablization of SiPMs [ arXiv:1710.01648 [physics.ins-det] ]
A. Mulski, et al. Microhexcavity Plasma Panel Detectors [ arXiv:1709.04391 [physics.ins-det] ]
B. Nachman Modeling Radiation Damage to Pixel Sensors in the ATLAS Detector [ arXiv:1710.03916 [physics.ins-det] ]
W. Si Commissioning and Operation of the New CMS Phase-1 Pixel Detector [ arXiv:1709.10283 [physics.ins-det] ]
B. Wang The Construction and Commissioning of the Belle II iTOP Counter [ arXiv:1709.09938 [physics.ins-det] ]

Computing, Analysis Tools, and Data Handling
Conveners: K. De, S. Habib, A. Norman
C. Bernius The ATLAS Trigger Algorithms Upgrade and Performance in Run-2 [ arXiv:1709.09427 [hep-ex] ]
K. Woodruff Automated proton track identification in MicroBooNE using gradient boosted decision trees [ arXiv:1710.00898 [physics.ins-det] ]

Conveners: R. Boughezal, C. Lee, F. Petriello
B. Fulsom Studies of quarkonium at Belle and Belle II [ arXiv:1710.00120 [hep-ex] ]
M. Moinester Pion Polarizability Status Report (2017) [ arXiv:1709.05159 [hep-ph] ]
K. Pedersen, et al. Spherical harmonics for multiparticle final states [ arXiv:1709.10084 [hep-ph] ]

Top Quark Physics
Conveners: S. Hoeche, R. Schwienhorst, S. Wimpenny
G. Goldstein, et al. Measuring Polarized Gluon Distributions by Heavy Quark Spin Correlations and Polarizations [ arXiv:1710.01683 [hep-ph] ]
A. Khatiwada Measurement of the tt¯ spin correlations and top quark polarization in dileptonic channel with the CMS detector [ arXiv:1709.07918 [hep-ex] ]
N. Kidonakis Top-pair and tW production at approximate N3LO [ arXiv:1709.06975 [hep-ph] ]

Diversity and Outreach
Conveners: B. Benson, S, Ho, M. Sako, N. Sehgal
B. Beckford Survey of the physics landscape and attempts to improve diversity [ arXiv:1710.01404 [physics.ed-ph ]
K. Cecire Developments in International Masterclasses [ arXiv:1710.00927 [physics.ed-ph ]
M. Del Tutto VENu: The Virtual Environment for Neutrinos [ arXiv:1709.10120 [physics.pop-ph] ]


S. Edayath, et al. Sterile neutrino search in the NOvA Far Detector [ arXiv:1710.01280 [hep-ex] ]
P. Farris, P. Zadeh, et al. Studies to Understand and Optimize the Performance of Scintillation Counters for the Mu2e Cosmic Ray Veto System [ arXiv:1709.09831 [phyics.ins-det] ]
A. Fiedler, et al. Investigation of Beam Emittance and Beam Transport Line Optics on Polarization [ arXiv:1710.02444 [phyics.acc-ph] ]
E. Johnson, et al. Effective field theory for resonant wino dark matter [ arXiv:1710.02544 [hep-ph] ]
R. Keloth, et al. NOvA Short-Baseline Tau Neutrino Appearance Search [ arXiv:1710.00295 [hep-ex] ]
A. Luca A Panel Prototype for the Mu2e Straw Tube Tracker at Fermilab [ arXiv:1710.03799 [phyics.ins-det] ]
J. Vasel Observing the Next Galactic Supernova with the NOvA Detectors [ arXiv:1710.00705 [phyics.astro-ph] ]
P. Weigel Design and Simulation of the IsoDAR RFQ Direct Injection System and Spiral Inflector [ arXiv:1710.00441 [phyics.acc-ph] ]