SLAC eConf C16-12-05.4 edited by James E. Brau, University of Oregon





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Takayuki Kubo The Next SRF Technologies arxiv:1703.05645 [physics.acc-ph]
Xiaowei Wu Design, Fabrication and High-Gradient Tests of X-Band Choke-Mode Structures arXiv:1703.04126 [physics.acc-ph]

Xin Chen Prospects of LHC Higgs Physics at the end of Run III arxiv:1703.07675 [hep-ex]
Xin Chen Prospects for Higgs CP property measurements at the LHC arxiv:1703.07689 [hep-ex]
Mila Pandurović Measurement of Higgs decay to WW* in Higgsstrahlung at sqrt(s)=500 GeV ILC and in WW-fusion at sqrt(s)=3 TeV CLIC arxiv:1703.08871 [hep-ph]
Juergen Reuter NLO QCD Corrections to Off-shell ttbar and ttbarH at the ILC arxiv: 1703.05791[hep-ph]

Beyond the Standard Model
Daniele Barducci Review of Higgs-to-light-Higgs searches at the LHC arXiv:1703.08029 [hep-ph]
Nathaniel Craig A Case for Future Lepton Colliders arXiv:1703.06079 [hep-ph]
Masato Jimbo One loop effects of natural SUSY in indirect searches for SUSY particles at the ILC arXiv:1703.07671 [hep-ph]

Aleksander Filip Zarnecki Sensitivity of CLIC at 380 GeV to the top FCNC decay t->cH arXiv:1703.05007 [hep-ex]

Ulrich Einhaus ROPPERI - A TPC readout with GEMs, pads and Timepix arXiv:1703.08529 [physics.ins-det]
Paul Malek Development of a GEM based TPC Readout for ILD arXiv:1703.05719 [physics.ins-det]
Shunsuke Murai Radiation tolerance of FPCCD vertex detector for the ILC arXiv:1703.05603 [physics.ins-det]
Yasuhiro Sugimoto R&D status of a gas-compressor based two-phase CO2 cooling system for FPCCD Vertex Detector arXiv:1703.03138 [physics.ins-det]

Calorimetry/Muon Systems
Oleksandr Borysov Beam Tests of a Multilayer LumiCal Prototype arXiv:1703.09955 [physics.ins-det]
Oleksandr Borysov Progress Report on an Ultra-compact LumiCal arXiv:1703.10496 [physics.ins-det]
Denis Grondin CALICE Si/W ECAL: Endcap structures and cooling system arXiv:1702.03770 [physics.ins-det]
Bruce Schumm Updated Results of a Solid-State Sensor Irradiation Study for ILC Extreme Forward Calorimetry arXiv:1703.05429 [physics.ins-det]
Izumi Sekiya Performance study of SKIROC2 and SKIROC2A with BGA testboard arXiv:1703.08105 [physics.ins-det]
Amanda Steinhebel Studies of the Response of the SiD Silicon-Tungsten ECal arXiv:1703.08605 [physics.ins-det]
Hiroaki Yamashiro Performance evaluation of PSD for silicon ECAL arXiv:1703.08091 [physics.ins-det]
Aharon Levy The design of the ILD forward region arXiv:1701.01923 [physics.ins-det]
Aidan Robson SiD Status and Plans arXiv:1704.00671 [physics.ins-det]
Anne Schütz Pair Background Envelopes in the SiD Detector arXiv:1703.05737 [physics.ins-det]
CLIC Detector and Physics
Naomi van der Kolk CLIC Detector and Physics Status arXiv:1703.08876 [physics.ins-det]
Machine Detector Interface/Integration/Polarization
Robert Karl Polarimetry at the ILC arXiv:1703.00214 [hep-ex]
Anne Schütz A Study of the Impact of Muons from the Beam Delivery System on the SiD Performance arXiv:1703.05738 [physics.ins-det]