SLAC eConf C151216 edited by F. Di Lodovico QMUL, S. Pascoli IPPP, Durham

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Table of Contents

S. Hannestad Neutrinos in cosmology
I. Tamborra Supernova Neutrinos: Theory
I. Gil-Botella Detection of Supernova neutrinos
L. Alvarez-Ruso The physics of neutrino cross sections: theoretical studies
S. Gollapinni Neutrino cross section future
E. O'Sullivan Atmospheric neutrinos status
S. Mertens Mass measurements
H. O'Keeffe Current and near future plans for T2K
P. Vogel Reactor flux and uncertainties
F. Suekane Steriles: decay at rest experiments
L. Stanco Steriles: SBN and LBN experiments with accelerators
J. Menendez What do we know about neutrinoless double-beta decay and its matrix elements?
Victor Helaine Sterile neutrino search: status of the STEREO experiment
Kirsty Duffy First antineutrino oscillation results from T2K
Stephen Dolan Probing Nuclear Effects at the T2K Near Detector Using Transverse Kinematic Variables
Luke Pickering Predictions for transverse kinematic imbalance by neutrino interaction MC generators
Stefano Gariazzo Dark Radiation and Inflationary Freedom
David Coplowe Isolating neutrino interactions on hydrogen in composite nuclear targets using the T2K Near Detector
Stephanie Bron Hyper-Kamiokande: toward a measurement of CP violation in lepton sector
Ianthe Michiels SoLid: Search for Oscillation with a 6Li Detector at the BR2 research reactor
Paul Martins Neutrino coherent pion production
Cédric Weiland Lepton flavour violating Higgs decays in the (SUSY) inverse seesaw
Eduardo Medinaceli Neutrino interaction with vertices topology detected by OPERA
Steven Wren Neutrino Mass Ordering Studies with PINGU and IceCube/DeepCore
Andrea Di Iura Lepton mixing and neutrino masses from A5 and CP
Enrica Vagnoni Neutrino energy reconstruction in long-baseline experiments
Sophie King Using the T2K near detector, ND280, to study electron neutrino charged current interactions on
carbon with no pions in the final state
Cheng-Hsien Li Do neutrino wave packets overlap?
Stefano Soleti The Muon Counter System of the MicroBooNE experiment
Evelina Arushanova SNO+ scintillator cocktail studies using an Y90 source