IWAA SLAC eConf C1410132  edited by R. Ruland, Stanford University

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Workshop Opening
Qing Qin Welcome Speech [ TALK ]
Robert Ruland Happy 25th Anniversary IWAA [ PDF ]

Session 1: Survey & Alignment Methods (1)
Christopher Curtis Alignment of the 12 GeV CEBAF Accelerator [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Xiaoye He

Alignment throughout the Update Engineering of Hefei Light Source

[ TALK ]  
Hélène Mainaud Durand Alignment Methods Developed for the Validation of the Thermal and Mechanical Behavior of the Two Beam Test Modules for the CLIC Project [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Patrick Bestmann Preparing the SPS Alignment for the Future LHC Runs [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Taer Abu-Haniyi Alignment Strategy of Sesame [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Chenghao Yu Smoothing Based On Best-Fit Transformation [ TALK ] [ PDF ]

Session 2: Long Term Monitoring, Ground Motion, Vibration
Lei Wu Research Development of Vibrating Wire Alignment Technique for HEPS [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Mika Masuzawa SuperKEKB Main Ring Tunnel Motion [ TALK ]  
Zhiyong Ke The Alignment of DTL in CSNS [ TALK ]  
Zili Zhang A Method of Measuring Mirror-Tilt Error in Laser Trackers [ TALK ]  

Session 3: Survey & Alignment Methods (2)

Mark Emamian Alignment and Long Term Stability of the Duke Free Electron Laser Switchyard [ TALK ] [ SWF ]
Lan Dong Brief Introduction of Survey and Alignment on CSNS [ TALK ]
Hélène Mainaud Durand Drive Beam Quadrupoles for the CLIC project: a Novel Method of Fiducialization and a new Micrometric Adjustment System [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Tsuyoshi Suwada Present Status and Future Prospect on the Initial Realignment at the KEKB Injector Linac [ TALK ]
Supawan Srichan Alignment of Insertion Device at Siam Photon Source [ TALK ]  

Session 4: Alignment Instrumentation, Software and Methods
Fan Yang Technology and Application of Laser Tracker in Large Space Measurement [ TALK ]  
Guozhu Cai The Comparison of API T3 And Leica AT401 in the Test and Survey [ TALK ]  
Hélène Mainaud Durand PACMAN Study of FSI and Micro-Triangulation for the Alignment of CLIC [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Jaromir Penicka Alignment of Superconducting Undulators at the APS [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Chao Zhang Performance of the Iris Diaphragm Laser Alignment System of the SPring-8 [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Yu Sun Laser Tracker’s Calibration Device [ TALK ]  
Jing Liang Research on Laser Tracker Measurement Accuracy and Data Processing [ TALK ]  

Session 5: Survey & Alignment Methods (3)
Georg Gassner Laser Beam Trajectory Measurement with a CCD Camera [ TALK ]  
Tong Wang The Surveying and Data Processing of the Primary Control Net of CSNS [ TALK ]  
Chenghao Yu The Storage Ring Control Network of Nsls-II [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Francesco Scantamburl The Alignment of LIPAc, the IFMIF Prototype High Current Deuteron Accelerator: Requirements and Current Status [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
William Hoffman Establishing Control Survey Network for Long Beamlines at Diamond Light Source [ TALK ]  
Dominique Missiaen Managing the Survey Activities at CERN during LS1 [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Tao Luo Application and Research on the Three Dimension Network Adjustment of Large-scale Control Network in Particle Accelerator [ TALK ]  

Session 6: Survey & Alignment Methods (4)
Marta Llonch NAPP Photon Beam Entrance Alignment [ TALK ]  
Wei Wang The Primary Control Network of HLSII [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Horst Friedsam New Projects at Fermi National Laboratory and their Metrology Requirements [ TALK ]  
Hiroaki Kimura A Floor Deformation of SACLA Building [ TALK ]  
Rodrigo Junqueira Leão Experimental Evaluation of Laser Tracker Target Holders Stability [ TALK ] [ PDF ]

Session 7: Status Reports from Institutes/Laboratories
Hongyan Zhu Wire position Monitor Used in ADS Cryogenic Alignment [ TALK ]  
Weiyang Lai Alignment Design and Status of Taiwan Photon Source [ TALK ] [ PDF ]
Norio Tani Status report of the Realignment for J-PARC 3GeV RCS [ TALK ]
Guillaume Kautzmann HIE-ISOLDE – General Presentation of MATHILDEABILITY [ TALK ] [ PDF ]

Session 8: Poster Presentations

Ina Pschorn Actual Survey and Alignment Activities at GSI for FAIR [ POSTER ]
Georg Gassner SLAC Status Report 2014 [ POSTER ]
Marta Llonch Slab Evolution and Status at ALBA Synchrotron [ POSTER ]
William Jansma Simplified Hexapod Aligment for GRETINA [ POSTER ]
Tomasz Zawierucha Some Technologies at the MAX IV Facility [ POSTER ]
Hélène Mainaud Durand Remote Qualification of Monitoring Systems in the LHC tunnel [ POSTER ]
Hélène Mainaud Durand Experiments of Laser Pointing Stability on Different Surfaces To Validate Micrometric Positioning Sensor [ POSTER ]
Dominique Missiaen Alignment of LIPAc, the IFMIF prototype High Current Deuteron Accelerator: Requirements and Current Status [ POSTER ]
Francesco Scantamburlo What is New at CERN? [ POSTER ]
Rodrigo Junqueira Leão Experimental Evaluation of Laser Tracker Target Holders Stability [ POSTER ]
Taer Abu-Haniyi Alignment Strategy of Sesame [ POSTER ]

Session 9: Closing of Workship
X. Wang, D. Missiaen et al. Workshop Summary Reports [ TALK ]  


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