SLAC eConf C121212 edited by Laura Paulucci - UFABC, Jorge E. Horvath - IAGUSP, Marcelo Chiapparini - UERJ, and Rodrigo P. Negreiros - UFF



Talks and Posters


Welcome to the CSQCDIII proceedings

For four days (Dec. 12th-15th, 2012) 57 specialists in high-energy physics, astrophysics and related disciplines gathered in the coastal city of Guarujá, São Paulo state, Brazil to discuss the advances on the role of QCD inside compact stars. This was the third in the series of dedicated workshops (after CSQCDI, Copenhagen 2001 and CSQCDII, Beijing 2009) exploring the microphysics and astrophysics of dense matter in which QCD degrees of freedom likely play a role. Virtually all possible aspects of these problems were addressed in 30 oral and 14 poster presentations, with several lively discussions among participants. It became clear that the latest data on cooling, spectral and timing of compact stars combined with the ongoing studies of the “color glass” phase of QCD detected in large colliders is shaping some of the ideas and bringing fresh ones on the quest for strongly interacting matter inside stars.

Even though not all contributions were received for publication, there is plenty of interesting material to be examined by colleagues which is now collected in this volume. We would like to acknowledge the important financial support of the Fapesp Agency (São Paulo State) and the CNPq (Brazil), and remark the hard work performed by the LOC during and after the event. The colleagues of the SOC are acknowledged for their input that helped to shape the workshop. Finally, we thank the support of the Director of the IAG Institute through all the organizing stages.

Jorge E. Horvath
On behalf of the SOC and the LOC
Compact Stars in the QCD Diagram III