SLAC eConf C1206043 Chairman: Rob McPherson (University of Victoria and IPP) & G. Mitselmakher (University of Florida)

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Complete Proceedings

Physics at LHC 2012 Complete Proceedings [ PDF ]


Physics at LHC 2012 Committees  [ PDF ]

Table of Contents

Download the table of contents.  [ PDF ]

Invited Talks

1A: Welcome, LHC Machine - Monday,May 4 (09:30 - 10:50)
Session Chair: Alan Astbury, University of Victoria
  No Papers    

1B: LHC Experiments I - Monday, May 4 (11:30 - 12:40)
Session Chair: Dugan O'Neil, Simon Fraser University
Fabrizio Ferro, CERN TOTEM status and results [ PDF ]

1C: LHC Experiments II - Monday, May 4 (14:30 - 15:55)
Session Chair: Anadi Canepa, TRIUMF
Roger Forty, CERN LHCb Status and Plans [ PDF ]
Keti Kaadze, CERN Identification of Jets, tau Leptons, and Missing Transverse Energy at CMS [ PDF ]
Raffaello D'Alessandro,
  University of Firenze & INFN-Firenze
Neutral Particles Energy Spectra for 900 GeV and 7 TeV p-p Collisions, Measured by the LHCf Experiment [ PDF ]
Chiara Zampolli,
  Universita e INFN
Particle Identification with the ALICE Detector at the LHC [ PDF ]


1D: Poster Session - Monday June 4, (16:00 - 17:00)
Kathrin Becker,
  Bergische Universitaet Wuppertal
Measurement of the t-channel
Single Top-quark Production with the ATLAS Detector
[ PDF ]
Dennis Wendland,
  ATLAS Collaboration
Fourth Generation Searches at ATLAS [ PDF ]
Yuichi Sasaki,
  ATLAS Collaboration
Search for Supersymmetric Particles Using Final States with One Lepton, Jets and Missing Transverse Momentum with ATLAS Detector [ PDF ]
Darius Jurciukonis et al.,
  Vilnius University
Parameters of the Neutrino Sector in Tau Decays [ PDF ]
Niklas Andreas Pietsch,
  UHH-Inst. for Experimental Physics
Search for Supersymmetry in Final States with a Single Lepton, B-jets and Missing Transverse Energy at the CMS Experiment [ PDF ]
Rocky So,
  University of British Columbia
Search for a Light Higgs Boson at BABAR [ PDF ]
Vikas Bansal,
  University of Victoria
  ATLAS Collaboration
Search for Contact Interaction in Dilepton Events from pp Collisions at √s = 7 TeV with the ATLAS Detector [ PDF ]
Warren Andrews,
  Univ. of California, San Diego
Search for New Physics with a Z Boson, Jets, and Emiss/t at CMS (arXiv:1204.3774) [ PDF ]
Sean Benson,
  University of Edinburgh
  LHCb Collaboration
Measurement of the Polarization Amplitudes and Triple Product Asymmetries in the B0s- to phi phi Decay at LHCb [ PDF ]
Dominik Duda,
  Bergische Universitat Wuppertal
  ATLAS Collaboration
Measuring the b-jet Tagging Efficiency Using Top Anti-top Events with ATLAS Data [ PDF ]
Estel Perez Codina,
Search for Supersymmetry in Events with Four or More Leptons and Missing Transverse Momentum in p – p  collisions at √s = 7 TeV with the ATLAS Detector [ PDF ]
Anna Katharina Kopp,
  Albert-Ludwigs-Universitatet Freiburg
  ATLAS Collaboration
Search for Charged Higgs Bosons Decaying via H+ to tau nu in 7 TeV pp Collisions with the ATLAS Detector [ PDF ]
Cosme Adrover Pacheco,
  CPPM for LHCb Collaboration
B0(s)to mu+mu- Searches at LHCb [ PDF ]
Christian Andreas Jung,
  Technische Universitaet Dortmund
Measuring the b-jet Tagging Efficiency Using Samples of Jets Containing Muons with ATLAS Data [ PDF ]
Christopher Phillip Marino,
  University of Victoria
  ATLAS Collaboration
Searches for Long-lived Exotic Particles at ATLAS [ PDF ]
Alberto Tonero,
Quark Contact Interactions at the LHC [ PDF ]
Daniel Johnson,
  University of Oxford
Observation of CP Violation in B± to D K± Decays at LHCb [ PDF ]
Silvia Borghi,
  University of Glasgow
  LHCb Collaboration
The LHCb Upgrade [ PDF ]
Gordon Watts,
  University of Washington
  ATLAS Collaboration
Combining b-tagging Calibrations in ATLAS [ PDF ]
Andrea Ferretto Parodi,
  Sezione di Genova
  ATLAS Collaboration
Measuring the b-jet Tagging Efficiency on c-jets Containing D* Mesons with ATLAS Data [ PDF ]
Michele Petteni,
  Simon Fraser University
  ATLAS Collaboration
A Search for tt(bar) Resonances in the Dilepton Channel in 2.05 fb-1 of pp Collisions at sqrt(s)=7 TeV with the ATLAS Experiment [ PDF ]
Seth I. Cooper,
  School of Physics & Astronomy
  CMS Collaboration
Search for Long-lived Massive Particles at CMS [ PDF ]
Sam King,
  University of British Columbia
  ATLAS Collaboration
William Spearman,
  ATLAS Collaboration
Study of the ATLAS Muon Identificaton Efficiency in the Presence of High Pile-up [ PDF ]

1E: Physics Objects and/or Breaking News - Monday, May 4 (13:00 - 18:20)
Convenor: Michel Lefebvre (University of Victoria)
Mziriam Calvo Gomez,
  University of Barcelona
  LHCb Collaboration
Flavour Tagging at LHCb [ PDF ]
Dimitra Tsionou, Centre National de
  la Recherche Scientifique
Electron and Photon Performance Measurements with the ATLAS Detector [ PDF ]

2A: Heavy Ion Theory and Experiment - Tuesday, June 5 (09:00 - 10:25)
Convenor: Dr. Christopher Marino (Universty of Victoria)
  No papers.    

2B: Theory of SM and QCD, Diffractive Physics - Tuesday, June 5 (10:55 - 12:45)
Convenor: Michael Vetterli (Simon Fraser University)
Eugenio Scapparone,
Overview of Soft QCD and Diffractive Physics at LHC [ PDF ]

2C: (Parallel) Heavy Ion - Tuesday, June 5 (14:30 - 16:10)
Convenor: Constantinos Loizides (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Korinna Christine Zapp,
  (Durham University)
Theoretical Perspectives on the Heavy Ion LHC Program [ PDF ]
Dong Jo Kim,
  (University of Jyvaskyla)
Particle Correlation Results from the ALICE Experiment at LHC [ PDF ]
Betty Abelev,
  (Lawrence Livermore National Lab)
Strangeness with ALICE: from pp to Pb-Pb [ PDF ]
Yvonne Chiara Pachmayer,
  (Ruprecht-Karls-Univ. Heidelberg)
Heavy-flavour Production in Pb-Pb Collisions at the LHC with ALICE [ PDF ]

2D: (Parallel) Heavy Ion and Soft QCD - Tuesday, June 5 (16:40 - 18:00)
Convenor: Paul Kuijer (NIKHEF (NL))
Antonio Ortiz Velasquez,
  (Lund Univ.)
  ALICE Collaboration
Identified Particle p_T Spectra and Particle Contents in pp Collisions Measured with ALICE at the LHC [ PDF ]
Mariana Fontana,
Measurements of Particle Production & Energy Flow in pp Collisions at √s=7 TeV with the LHCb Experiment [ PDF ]
Benoit Roland,
  (University of Antwerpen)
Recent CMS Results on Forward and Small-x QCD Physics [ PDF ]

2E: (Parallel) EWK and QCD - Tuesday, June 5 (14:30 - 15:50)
Convenor: David Strom (University of Oregon (US))
Roberto Castello,
  (Universite Catholique de Louvain)
  CMS Collaboration
Associated Production of W and Z Bosons with Jets from Light and Heavy Quarks at CMS Experiment [ PDF ]
William James Barter,
  (HEP, Univ. of Cambridge)
Physics with Electroweak Gauge Bosons at LHCb [ PDF ]
Oliver Stelzer-Chilton,
W Mass Measurement from CDF [ PDF ]
Koichi Nagai,
  (Univ. of Tsukuba)
  ATLAS Collaboration
W and Z Properties and Cross Sections Measured with ATLAS [ PDF ]

2F: (Parallel) Hard QCD and Diffractive - Tuesday, June 5 (16:40 - 18:00)
Convenor: Fabrizio Ferro (INFN - Genova)
James Robinson,
  (Univ. College London)
Particle Production and Diffraction in ATLAS [ PDF ]
Giacomo Graziani,
Quarkonium Production at LHCb [ PDF ]
Takashi Matsushita. 
  Kobe University
Onia Production at ATLAS [ PDF ]
Livio Bianchi,
  Universita degli Studi di Torino
J/psi Production in pp Collisions with the ALICE Experiment [ PDF ]

3A: EWK Theory and Results at LHC and Tevatron - Wednesday, June 6 (09:00 - 10:45)
Convenor: Richard Keeler, (University of Victoria)
Stephen Wolbers,
  D0 and CDF Collaborations
QCD and Heavy Quark Physics at the Tevatron [ PDF ]

3B: Hard QCD - Wednesday, June 6 (11:15 - 13:00)
Convenor: Colin Gay (University of British Columbia)

Stefan Hoeche,
  SLAC National Accelerator Lab

Status of Monte-Carlo Event Generators [ PDF ]

4A: B, Charm and Onia - Theory and Experiment - Thursday, June 7 (09:00 - 10:45)
Convenor: Isabel Trigger (TRIUMF)
David London, (Universite de Montreal) B Physics Theory Overview [ PDF ]
Olivier Leroy, (CPPM) Mixing and CP Violation [ PDF ]

4B: Top Results from LHC and Tevatron - Thursday, June 7 (11:15 -13:00)
Convenor: Reda Tafirout (TRIUMF)
No Papers  

4C: (Parallel) B, Charm and Onia I -- Thursday, June 7 (14:30 - 16:30)
Convenor: Roger Forty (CERN)
Pietro Antonioli, (INFN, Bologna)
  ALICE Collaboration
Heavy Flavour Results in pp Collisions at LHC with ALICE [ PDF ]
Sean Benson, (Univ. of Edinburgh)
  LHCb Collaboration
Mixing and CP Violation in the B System [ PDF ]
Daniel Johnson, (Univ. of Oxford)
  LHCb Collaboration
CP Violation in Hadronic B Decays at LHCb [ PDF ]

4D: (Parallel) B, Charm Onia II-- Thursday, June 7 (17:00 - 19:00)
Convenor: Olivier Leroy (CPPM)
Silvia Borghi, (Univ. of Glasgow)
  LHCb Collaboration
Charm Mixing and CP Violation at LHCb [ PDF ]
Cosme Adrover Pacheco, (CPPM)
  LHCb Collaboration
Rare Decays at LHCb [ PDF ]
Roberto Covarelli, (Univ. of Rochester)
   CMS Collaboration
Heavy-flavor Results at CMS [ PDF ]

4E: (Parallel) Top - Thursday, June 7 (14:30 - 16:30)
Convenor: Peter Krieger (University of Toronto)
Celine Degrande, (UIUC/UCL) New Physics Signals in Top Physics [ PDF ]
Yuta Takahashi, (Nagoya University) Top Quark Production at ATLAS [ PDF ]
Cristina Ferro,
  (Inst. Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien)
Top Quark Cross Section Measurements with CMS [ PDF ]
Oleg Brandt,
  (Georg-August-Univ. Goettingen)
  D0 Collaboration
Recent Top Physics Results from the D0 Experiment [ PDF ]
Andrea Helen Knue,
  (Georg-August-Univ. Goettingen)
  ATLAS Collaboration
Measurement of Top-quark Properties with ATLAS Experiment [ PDF ]
Michael Maes,
  (Inter-Univ. Inst. for High Energies),
  CMS Collaboration
Measurement of the Top Quark Mass and Other Properties with CMS [ PDF ]

4F: (Parallel) EWK and QCD -- Thursday, June 7 (17:00 - 19:00)
Convenor: Dieter Zeppenfeld (KIT)
Pankaj Agrawal and Ambresh Shivaji,
  (Inst. of Phys. Bhubaneswar, India)
Multi Vector Boson Production via Gluon-gluon Fusion [ PDF ]
  ATLAS Collaboration
Diboson Cross Section Measurement at ATLAS and Limits on Anomalous Gauge Couplings [ PDF ]
Norbert Neumeister, (Purdue Univ.)
  CMS Collaboration
Measurement of the Drell-Yan Cross Section with the CMS Detector at the LHC [ PDF ]
Stephen Gibson, (CERN)
  ATLAS Collaboration
ATLAS Measurements of Photons, Jets and Subjets [ PDF ]

5A: Higgs and Alternatives, Theory and Results - Friday, June 8 (09:00 - 10:50)
Convenor: Bernd Stelzer (Simon Fraser University)
Scott Snyder, (BNL)
  ATLAS Collaboration
Higgs Boson Search at ATLAS [ PDF ]
Chiara Ilaria Rovelli, (CERN) Higgs Searches in CMS [ PDF ]

5B: SUSY & BSM, Theory and Results - Friday, June 8 (11:10 - 13:00)
Convenor: Bob Kowalewski (University of Victoria)
Andrew Askew, (Florida State Univ.) Electroweak and Hints of New Physics at the Tevatron [ PDF ]
Till Eifert, (SLAC)
  ATLAS Collaboration
SUSY and BSM Searches in ATLAS [ PDF ]

5C: (Parallel) Higgs I - Friday, June 8 (14:30 - 16:30)
Convenor: Mario Martinez-Perez (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona)
Aleksandr Azatov, Roberto Contino,
and Jamison Galloway,
  (Rome La Sapienza)
Contextualizing the Higgs at the LHC [ PDF ]
Nicholas Wardle,
  (Imperial College Sci., Tech. & Med)
  CMS Collaboration
Search for the SM Higgs in the Two Photon and Two Z to Four Lepton Decay Channels at CMS [ PDF ]
Michael Kirby, (Northwestern Univ.) Higgs Searches at CDF [ PDF ]
Tatsuya Masubuchi, (Univ. of Tokyo) Searches for a Light Higgs Boson at ATLAS [ PDF ]

5D: (Parallel) Higgs II - Friday, June 8 (17:00 - 19:00)
Convenor: Scott Snyder (BNL)
Artur Kalinowski, (Univ. of Warsaw)
  CMS Collaboration
Combined Results of SM Higgs Searches at CMS [ PDF ]
Alex Christopher Martyniuk,
  (Univ. of Victoria)
Searches for a Heavy Higgs Boson at ATLAS [ PDF ]
Sara Kristina Strandberg, (Stockholm Univ.)
  ATLAS Collaboration
Tracking, Vertexing and b-Tagging Performance at ATLAS [ PDF ]
Lorenzo Bianchini, (Ecole Polytechnique) Search for the SM Higgs in bb, tau tau, WW, ZZ with 4.7 fb-1 of CMS Data [ PDF ]

5E: (Parallel) SUSY - Friday, June 8 (14:30 - 16:30)
Convenor: Till Eifert (SLAC)
Jose Francisco Zurita, (Univ. of Zurich) SUSY Confronts LHC Data [ PDF ]
Riccardo Bellan,
  (Univ. of Calif. Santa Barbara)
Searches for SUSY in Hadronic Final States at CMS [ PDF ]
Enrique Kajomovitz Must,
  (Israel Inst. of Tech)
  ATLAS Collaboration
Inclusive Searches for Supersymmetric Signatures with the ATLAS Detector [ PDF ]
Clara Jorda Lope, (Univ. de Cantabria) Physics Objects from CMS: Muons [ PDF ]
Benjamin Stieger, (ETH Zurich) SUSY Searches with Leptons at CMS [ PDF ]

5F: (Parallel) BSM - Friday, June 8 (17:00 - 19:00)
Convenor: Heather Logan (Carleton Univ.)
Paolo Rumerio, (Univ. of Alabama) Searches for New Physics with Jets in the Final State at CMS [ PDF ]
Ludovica Aperio Bella,
  (Centre Nat. de la Recherche Scien.)
  ATLAS Collaboration
Searches for Exotics Physics States in Jets and Boosted Objects Final States at ATLAS [ PDF ]

6A: Poster Winners, Cosmo/Astro/DM/RHIC and LHC - Friday, June 8 (09:00 - 10:30)
Convenor: Robert McPherson (University of Victoria)
  No papers  

6B: Experimental Summary, Theory Summary and Vision, Farewell - Friday, June 8 (11:00 - 12:50)
Convenor: Robert McPherson (University of Victoria)
Gian Giudice, (CERN) Concluding Remarks (on the Higgs Boson) [ PDF ]


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