hadron2011 Proceedings

Proceedings of the XIV International Conference on Hadron Spectroscopy
13-17 June 2011
Munich, Germany
eConf C110613 edited by B. Grube, S. Paul, and N. Brambilla (Technical University Munich)

The Technical University Munich (TUM) hosted the XIV International Conference on Hadron Spectroscopy on 13-17 June 2011 at the Künstlerhaus in Munich, Germany. The aim of this series of biennial conferences that started in 1985 is to review the status and progress in hadron spectroscopy and related aspects of hadron dynamics.

International Advisory Committee

  • C. Amsler (Zürich)
  • T. Barnes (ORNL/U.Tenn.)
  • E. Berger (Argonne)
  • S. Bianco (INFN-Frascati)
  • N. Brambilla (München, Vice-Chair)
  • T. Bressani (Torino)
  • V. Burkert (JLAB)
  • S. Chung (Brookhaven)
  • F. Close (Oxford)
  • M. Davier (Orsay)
  • P. Eugenio (Florida State)
  • A. Golutvin (London)
  • H. Lipkin (Weizmann)
  • G. Mallot (CERN)
  • B. Meadows (Cincinnati)
  • S. Nagamiya (KEK)
  • M. Nakao (KEK)
  • E. Oset (València)
  • S. Paul (München, Chair)
  • K. Peters (GSI)
  • A. Reis (CBPF-Rio de Janeiro)
  • I. Shipsey (Purdue)
  • A. Skrinsky (Novosibirsk)
  • U. Thoma (Bonn)
  • A. Thomas (Adelaide)
  • Y. Wang (Beijing)
  • U. Wiedner (Bochum)
  • H. Wittig (Mainz)
  • A. Zaitsev (Protvino)
  • B. Zou (Beijing)

Local Organizing Commitee

  • N. Brambilla (Vice-Chair)
  • L. Fabbietti
  • K. Frank
  • J. Friedrich
  • B. Grube
  • F. Haas
  • B. Ketzer
  • U. Ollinger
  • S. Paul (Chair)
  • S. Tillich
  • S. Uhl

The conference was sponsored by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, the Virtual Institute on "Spin and Strong QCD", the Helmholtz Gemeinschaft, and the Cluster of Excellence "Origin and Structure of the Universe".