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Invited Talks

Heavy-flavor production, quarkonium
Session Chair: Erez Etzion
Walter Bonivento Heavy flavor production at LHCb. Slides
Kostas Kordas Heavy flavor production at ATLAS and HERA. Slides
Paolo Bellan Heavy flavor production at CMS, and polarization. arXiv:1109.0945 Slides
Valentina Santoro Charmonium & bottomonium at e+e- colliders. arXiv:1107.1061 Slides

New quarkonium states
Session Chair: Marek Karliner
Sookyung Choi The X(3872). Slides
Wolfgang Gradl New states at BES. Slides
Alexander Bondar Observation of two charged bottomonium-like states. arXiv:1105.4583 Slides
Jonathan Rosner Quarkonium theory. arXiv:1107.1273 Slides

CKM angles
Session Chair: Heiko Lacker
Yoshiyuki Onuki Measurements of Gamma/phi3 at the B factories. arXiv:1107.0159 Slides
Marie-Helene Schune Gamma/phi3 at hadron colliders. arXiv:1108.5573 Slides
Himansu Sahoo Measurement of the CKM angle Beta/phi1 at the B factories. arXiv:1107.0503 Slides
Gagan Mohanty Measurement of the CKM angle Alpha/phi2. arXiv:1109.1343 Slides

Time-dependent CP violation at hadron colliders
Session Chair: Alexander Bondar
Brad Abbot CP violation with Bs -> J/psi phi at the Tevatron. arXiv:1107.0293 Slides
Marta Calvi LHCb time-dependent results. arXiv:1109.0464 Slides

CP violation & CKM
Session Chair: Thomas Browder
Franz Muheim Bs->J/psi f0 & the future of phi_s. Slides
Fabrizio Ruffini B and Bs decay rates and asymmetries. arXiv:1107.5760 Slides
Eli Ben-Haim CP violation in b->s penguins. Slides
Harry Lipkin Pauli blocking and the Kpi puzzle. arXiv:1107.1888 Slides

CP violation, Top I
Session Chair: Tom Browder
Mark Williams Evidence for an anomalous like-sign dimuon charge asymmetry. arXiv:1106.4768 Slides
Alexander Lenz CKM theory status. arXiv:1108.1218 Slides
Silvano Tosi Top physics at CMS. arXiv:1106.6158 Slides
Clement Helsens Top physics at ATLAS. arXiv:1107.2899 Slides

New physics and poster session
Session Chair: Gilad Perez
Andreas Weiler New physics and flavor. Slides
poster presentations Posters

Top II
Session Chair: Gilad Perez
Thomas Schwarz ttbar forward-backward asymmetry - experiment. Slides
Werner Vogelsang ttbar forward-backward asymmetry - theory. Slides
Amnon Harel New physics from the top quark at the Tevatron. arXiv:1109.3886 Slides
Jernej Kamenik New physics and the top quark (also in Moriond proceedings). arXiv 1105.3846 Slides

Charm physics
Session Chair: Blair Ratcliff
Anze Zupanc D-Dbar mixing. arXiv:1109.1362 Slides
Jonathon Coleman Rare charm decays and f_Ds. Slides
Jonathan Rosner Charm at the ccbar threshold. arXiv:1107.2023 Slides
Alex Kagan Charm theory. Slides

Neutrino physics
Session Chair: Gudrun Hiller
Justin Evans The current status of neutrino mixing. arXiv:1107.3846 Slides
Eric Zimmerman T2K & future neutrino-mixing experiments. Slides
Yury Kolomensky Neutrinoless double-beta decay. Slides
Boris Kayser Neutrino mixing and meson mixing. arXiv:1110.3047 Slides

Rare b decays
Session Chair: Elvira Gamiz
Giampiero Mancinelli b->mu mu and b->s mu mu at LHCb. arXiv:1108.0792 Slides
Guglielmo De Nardo Rare B decays with neutrinos. Slides
Walter Hopkins b->mu mu and b->s mu mu at the Tevatron. arXiv:1108.6021 Slides
Gudrun Hiller Rare decays theory. Slides

New physics at low energies
Session Chair: Yuval Grossman
Giuseppe Ruggiero New-physics limits from kaon decays. arXiv:1107.0523 Slides
Yoshiyuki Miyazaki Lepton-flavor violation with tau decays. arXiv:1109.2377 Slides
Matteo De Gerone mu->e gamma and mu->eee. arXiv:1108.2670 Slides
Lidija Zivkovic Supersymmetry searches at the Tevatron. arXiv:1107.2257 Slides

New physics at the energy frontier
Session Chair: Alex Kagan
Cristobal Cuenca Almenar Higgs searches and Wjj production. Slides
Christina Potter Supersymmetry and high-pT flavor tagging at ATLAS. Slides
Wolfgang Kiesenhofer Supersymmetry and high-pT flavor tagging at CMS. arXiv:1109.2085 Slides
Yuval Grossman Flavor-diagonal physics. Slides

New physics, CP violation
Session Chair: Yoram Rozen
Andrew Ivanov Searches for 4th-generation fermions. arXiv:1109.1025 Slides
Florian Bernlochner V_ub and semileptonic decays. arXiv:1110.1325 Slides
Maurizio Martinelli CP violation in D->Ks decays. arXiv:1108.6284 Slides
Mark Tibbetts b->gamma gamma and b->s gamma gamma. Slides

Banquet session
Session Chair: Marek Karliner
A. I. Sanda Harry Lipkin: a pedestrian's view. Write-up Slides

Future facilities
Session Chair: Yury Kolomensky
Blair Ratcliff SuperB. Slides
Tom Browder Belle-II. Slides
Paula Collins LHCb upgrade. arXiv:1108.1403 Slides
Tadashi Nomura J-PARC flavor program. Slides
Brendan Casey Fermilab flavor program. Slides

Session Chair: Jeff Appel
Elvira Gamiz Lattice. Slides
Michele Papucci New directions in flavor physics. Slides
Guido Altarelli Theory conclusions. arXiv:1108.3514 Slides
Frederic Teubert Experiment conclusions. Slides


Alex Bernardini Flavor-weighted energies in the framework of composite quantum systems. Poster
Avi Gershon Heavy flavor gauge boson. Poster
Carolin Braeuninger Yukawa alignment in 2HDMs. Poster
Daniel Kaplan New experiments with antiprotons. Poster
Florian Bernlochner SIMBA. Poster
Guy Gur-Ari A "Periodic Table"of Jet Energy Flow Observables. Poster
Iftah Galon Lepton flavor violation at the LHC: the SUSY-flavor interplay. Poster
Jose Juknevich Next-to-leading-order computations of energy flow observables. Poster
Konstantin Shougaev Sensitivity estimation of the SuperB experiment to D0->Vl+l- signals. Poster
Liron Barak Discriminating variables for charged Higgs boson searches in ttbar with leptons at ATLAS. Poster
Lorenzo Mannelli Analytical study of planar flow. Poster
Michael Geller Signals of 4th-generation quarks at the LHC: a 2HDM framework. Poster
Nicolas Rey-Le Lorier Diagrammatic nalysis of charmless 3body B decays. Poster
Nimrod Taiblum Search for heavy displaced vertices at ATLAS. Poster
Nir Guttman Study of gamma gamma -> eta_c pi+ pi- at BaBar . Poster
Oram Gedalia Implications of the measurement of ultra-massive boosted jets at CDF. Poster
Raz Alon Substructure of highly boosted massive jets at CDF-II. Poster
Yiftah Silver Development of a plasma panel radiation detector. Poster
Yonathan Munwes J/psi cross section and B fraction. Poster
Yotam Soreq Implications of the CDF ttbr forward-backward asymmetry for hard-top physics. Poster


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