SLAC eConf C1007061 edited by Dmitry Naumov (JINR) and Alexander Vall (ISU)


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The International Baikal Summer School on Physics of Elementary Particles and Astrophysics was held in period July 06-14, 2010 at a small pictorial village "Bol'shie Koty" placed at the Baikal lakeside.

The School is organized by Irkutsk State University and Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna) every summer since 2004. In 2010 the School program included lecture courses on Standard Model, QCD, Flavor physics, Neutrino physics, Cosmology, Cosmic rays, Dark matter and dark energy plus talks on original studies and students reports. This extensive program was prefaced by a 'Pre-School' chaired by Profs. Alexander E.Kaloshin and Vadim A.Naumov. They both gave the students some basic overview of future lectures, important notions, ideas etc to facilitate further understanding. About 80 participants attended the school this time.

The students were divided into several groups and each group was chaired by a PhD discussion leader. Every day some time after lunch was devoted to extensive discussion of lectures content within each group. Despite that some questions were left unanswered and during a special morning "questions time" the students were asking these questions directly to the lecturers. Addressing these questions the lecturers afterwords were nominating the best questions. We had a lot of fun and exciting discussions about Physics and not only!

One day was devoted to a touristic walk including mountain hiking and swimming in the Baikal lake. The beauty of Nature, the charm and professionalism of our lecturers and a will of students to learn Physics were in the heart of this School.