SLAC eConf C070805

Proceedings of the International Workshop
on Charm Physics

(Charm 2007)

Editors: Hanna Mahlke (Cornell University), Jim Napolitano (RPI)

Download the complete proceedings: [PDF (14MB) ]

Charm Production Leptonic and Semileptonic Decays
Rare Charm Processes Charm Baryons
Charmonium Charm Meson Spectroscopy
Hadronic Charm Meson Decays Future Experimental Charm Facilities

Charm Production

B. Lang Charm-Production in e+e- Annihilation around 4 GeV 0710.0165[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]
H. Hu Determination of the Excited Charmonia Parameters 0705.4500[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]
B. Yabsley Double c anti-c Production in e+e- Annihilations at High Energy 0712.3183[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]
J. Rademacker Charm (and Beauty) Production at the Tevatron 0711.4375[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]
A. Knospe Charm Production at RHIC 0710.1051[nucl-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]

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Rare Charm Processes

A. Seiden D0-D0bar Mixing at BaBar 0710.1211[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]
L.M. Zhang D0 Mixing at Belle 0711.0785[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]
W. Sun Measurement of the Strong Phase in D0 -> K+pi- using Quantum Correlations 0712.0498[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]
B. Petersen HFAG Charm Mixing Averages 0712.1589[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]
E. Golowich Charm Mixing - Theory 0710.0151[hep-ph] [PDF] [SPIRES]
A. Petrov CP Violation in Charm 0711.1564[hep-ph] [PDF] [SPIRES]
G. Mancinelli Experimental Prospects for CP and T Violation Studies in Charm 0711.1571[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]
B. Casey Rare D Decays 0711.2977[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]

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H. Muramatsu Recent Studies of Charmonium Decays at CLEO 0711.1927[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]
R.G. Ping Experimental Charmonium Decay Results from BES 0711.3671[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]
Z. Metreveli Charmonium Spectroscopy Below Open Flavor Threshold 0710.1884[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]
D. Kreinick Recent Results in Bottomonium / Ties to Charmonium 0710.5929[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]
B. McElrath Light Higgses and Dark Matter at Bottom and Charm Factories 0712.0016[hep-ph] [PDF] [SPIRES]
N. Brambilla Extraction of alpha_s and m_Q from Onia 0711.1689[hep-ph] [PDF] [SPIRES]
J. Dudek Charmonium from Lattice QCD 0711.1600[hep-ph] [PDF] [SPIRES]

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Hadronic Charm Meson Decays

A. Ryd Determination of Charm Hadronic Branching Fractions at CLEO-c 0711.3817[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]
M. Pappagallo D and Ds Hadronic Branching Fractions at B Factories 0711.4769[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]
J. Rosner Flavor Symmetry and Charm Decays 0710.0336[hep-ph] [PDF] [SPIRES]
A. Bondar Study of a Model-independent Method for the Measurement of the Angle phi(3) 0711.1509[hep-ph] [PDF] [SPIRES]
E. White Impact on gamma/phi(3) from CLEO-c using CP-tagged D -> K(S,L)pi+pi- Decays 0711.2285[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]
B. Meadows Low Mass S-wave K pi and pi pi Systems 0712.1605[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]
S. Malvezzi K-matrix and Dalitz Plot Analysis from FOCUS 0710.0138[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]

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Leptonic and Semileptonic Decays

L. Widhalm Leptonic and Semileptonic D and D_s Decays at B-factories 0710.0420[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]
S. Blusk Leptonic D and D_s Decays near ccbar Threshold 0711.2660[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]
A. El-Khadra Weak Charm Decays with Lattice QCD 0711.1616[hep-ph] [PDF] [SPIRES]
E. Follana Precision Lattice Calculation of D and D_s Decay Constants 0709.4628[hep-lat] [PDF] [SPIRES]
R. Hill Update on Semileptonic Charm Decays 0712.3817[hep-ph] [PDF] [SPIRES]
J. Wiss Recent Results on 4-body, Charm Semileptonic Decays 0709.3247[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]

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Charm Baryons

H.Y. Cheng Spectroscopy and Strong Decays of Charmed Baryons 0709.0958[hep-ph] [PDF] [SPIRES]

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Charm Meson Spectroscopy

A. Polosa Hints of a New Spectroscopy       0712.1691[hep-ph] [PDF] [SPIRES]
A. Zghiche Charm Meson Spectroscopy at BaBar and CLEO-c 0710.0314[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]

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Future Experimental Charm Facilities

Y.F. Wang The BES-III Experiment at the High Luminosity Tau-Charm Factory 0711.4199[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]
D. Bettoni The PANDA Experiment at FAIR 0710.5664[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]
P. Spradlin LHCb Status and Charm Physics Program 0711.1661[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]
D. Asner Charm Physics Opportunities at a Super Flavor Factory 0711.3044[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]
B. Yabsley The Future of Charm Physics: a Discussion 0711.1636[hep-ex] [PDF] [SPIRES]

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