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Lecture Notes

What Do We Know Today about Titan? [ SPIRES ] [ PDF ]
  Luisa María Lara, Rafael Rodrigo, José Juan López-Moreno
Exoplanet Detection and the CoRoT Mission [ SPIRES ] [ PDF ]
  Rafael Garrio, Hans J. Deeg
The Earth as an Object of Astrophysical Interest in the Search for Extra-solar Planets [ SPIRES ] [ PDF ]
  Manuel Vázquez, Pilar Montañés Rodríguez, Enric Pallé
The Virtual Observatory [ SPIRES ] PDF ]
  Enrique Solano
Solar Corona Seismology [ SPIRES ] [ PDF ]
  José Luis Ballester     
Scales of Star Formation Regions [ SPIRES ] [ PDF ]
  Emilio J. Alfaro, Federico Elías    

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On the Variability of Saturn's Equatorial Jet at Cloud Top Level [ SPIRES ] [ PDF ]
  Agustín Sánchez-Lavega, Ricardo Hueso, Santiago Pérez-Hoyos    
Solar Wind-Magnetosphere Energy Transfer Mechanisms [ SPIRES ] [ PDF ]
  Elena Saiz, Yolanda Cerrato, Consuelo Cid     
Stellar Evolution in the Post-AGB Stage [ SPIRES ] [ PDF ]
  Olga Suárez, Pedro García-Lario, Minia Manteiga    
The O-Rich AGB Sequence [ SPIRES ] [ PDF ]
  Francisco Jiménez-Esteban, Dieter Engels, Pedro García-Lario    
Asteroseismology of O-Type Hot Subdwarf Stars [ SPIRES ] [ PDF ]
  Cristina Rodríguez-López et al.    
The Circumstellar Medium Around Evolved Massive Stars [ SPIRES ] [ PDF ]
  José Ricardo Rizzo, Elena Ortiz García, Francisco Jiménez-Esteban    
The Rv Extinction Factor [ SPIRES ] [ PDF ]
  Carmen Morales Durán, Julia Alfonso Garzón, Rubens Freire Ferrero    
What Do We Really Know About Spiral Galaxy Morphology? [ SPIRES ] [ PDF ]
  John Beckman, Peter Irwin, Michael Pohlen     
Structures and Expansions of SN 1993J and SN 2004et [ SPIRES ] [ PDF ]
  Iván Martí-Vidal, Jon Marcaide, Antxón Alberdi    
Very High Precision VLBI Astrometry of the S5 Polar Cap Sample Sources [ SPIRES ] [ PDF ]
  Iván Martí-Vidal, Jon Marcaide, José C. Guirado    
Multifractal Structure of Matter on Large Scales [ SPIRES ] [ PDF ]
  José Gaite     
First Scientific Results of the Near Infrared Spectrograph LIRIS [ SPIRES ] [ PDF ]
  Arturo Manchado et al.    
Radio Telescope Engineering: The 40 Meter IGN Antena [ SPIRES ] [ PDF ]
  José Antonio López Fernández, Jesús Gómez González, Alberto Barcia Cancio      
Astrolaboratory in Alcoy: Uses and Possibilities [ SPIRES ] [ PDF ]
  Miguel A. Satorre et al.    

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Poster Summaries
Isotopic Composition and Spectral Characteristics of Impulsive Solar
Energetic Particle Events
[ PDF ]
  Raúl Gómez Herrero et al.  
The Pierre Auger Project as a Macro-Grid of Stand-Alone
Photovoltaic Systems
[ PDF ]
  Ángeles López Agüera, Iago Rodríguez Cabo  
Design of a Frequency Meassurement System for Astrophysical Applications [ PDF ]
  Manuel Domingo Beltrán, José Rubio Álvarez  
Looking for 6614 Å DIB in Circumstellar Environments [ PDF ]
  Ramón Luna Molina, Miguel Ángel Satorre Aznar, Pedro García Lario  
Past and Future of Balloon090100001, a Key Star in the Study
of sdB Pulsations
[ PDF ]
  Raquel Oreiro Rey et al.  
Computatinal Model of Light Scattering by Irregular Particles: Approximation
to Polarization Meassurements of Cometary Dust
[ PDF ]
  Rosario Vilaplana, Fernando Moreno, Antonio Molina  
Poster Summaries (in Spanish) [ PDF ]
  Various authors  

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