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eConf C0304052

Proceedings of the Second Workshop on the CKM Unitarity Triangle

Editors:   Patricia Ball   IPPP Durham
  Jonathan Flynn   University of Southampton
  Peter Kluit   Nikhef Amsterdam
  Achille Stocchi   IN2P3 Paris

The second CKM workshop took place at the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology, University of Durham on 5-9 April 2003.

The first CKM Workshop was held at CERN on 13-16 February 2002 and led to the publication of a Yellow Report (hep-ph/0304132). These proceedings form an update to that report and are hosted by the SLAC eConf service, with identifier eConf C0304052 (2003).

Follow the link to the group name to access the proceedings contributions.

Group Topic Conveners
WG1 Vcb and Vub, lifetimes and lifetime differences E Barberio
T Iijima
L. Gibbons
L. Lellouch
WG2 Vtd and Vts : B-Bbar mixing, radiative penguin and rare (semi)leptonic decays J Flynn
M Paulini
S Willocq
WG3 CKM fits & New physics A Buras
J Silva
F Parodi
WG4 Determination of the Unitarity Triangle angles M Beneke
M Ciuchini
R Faccini
S Gardner
D London
Y Sakai
A Soni
WG5 Charm inputs for the CKM physics D Cassel
A Petrov
H Wittig
WG6 Vud and Vus G Isidori
Forum Open Forum on B Physics at Hadron Colliders R Fleischer
F Muheim

Created: 26 Jun 2003
Last updated: 24 Nov 2003