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Proceedings of the Conference on 
Compact Stars in the QCD Phase Diagram


Copenhagen, Denmark
August 15-18, 2001

 Rachid Ouyed and Francesco Sannino
 Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics

Organized by R. Ouyed and F. Sannino

Sponsored by NORDITA

eConf C010815


The conference was hosted at NORDITA on August 15-18, 2001. It brought together scientists from QCD exploring the phases of Quark Matter and astrophysicists working on Compact Stars and related Phenomena such as Gamma Ray Bursts. Claims of identification of quark stars and the renewed interests on quark matter at extreme conditions lead to interesting presentations and discussions of how the two communities could learn from each other and work together in the future. We hope that these proceedings would serve as a pedagogical tool for those interested in studying exotic forms of matter and their plausible implications/signatures on/in astrophysical phenomena.  

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