A Celebration Honoring Burton Richter


W.K.H. Panofsky Auditorium
SLAC, Stanford University
January 21, 2000

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A Celebration honoring Burton Richter took place at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center on Friday, January 21, 2000. This one-day program covered his early days at MIT and Stanford, his science in experimental particle physics, his leadership in accelerator technologies, his career as a Laboratory Director and his influence on the academic, the national, and the international scenes.

The Celebration was held in the W. K. H. Panofsky Auditorium at SLAC. The speakers included Lou Osborne, Pief Panofsky, John Rees, Haim Harari, Jim Siegrist, Nan Phinney, Gus Voss, Luciano Maiani, Gerhard Casper, John O'Fallon, and others. A festive dinner was held at the Stanford University Faculty Club. After dinner, Sidney Drell spoke in appreciation of Burton Richter's many contributions.


Highlights and a selection of photos are available on-line. You can also view the presentations through the streaming media web site.

9:00 am Welcome (Jonathan Dorfan)
9:15 am Burton's MIT Years (Louis Osborne)
9:45 am Early Work at Stanford (Wolfgang K. H. Panofsky)
10:15 am BREAK
10:30 am SPEAR/MARK I (John Rees)
11:00 am November Revolution (Haim Harari)
11:45 am Mark II (James Siegrist)
12:15 pm LUNCH (no-host)
1:45 pm Next Linear Collider (Gustav-Adolph Voss)
2:15 pm Stanford Linear Collider (Nan Phinney)
2:45 pm Burton Richter and SSRL (Arthur Bienenstock)
3:00 pm Burton Richter at the University (Gerhard Casper)
3:15 pm BREAK
3:30 pm Burton Richter and the Office of Science (Martha Krebs)
3:45 pm Burton Richter and the HEP Division (John O'Fallon)
4:00 pm Burton Richter on the International Scene (Luciano Maiani)
Reception in Auditorium Breezeway follows
7:00 pm Evening Reception and Dinner
After Dinner An Appreciation of Burton Richter (Sidney Drell)


For further information please contact Richter Celebration
SLAC, MS 80, P.O. Box 4349, Stanford, California 94309, USA.
Telephone: (650) 926-2282
E-mail: nina@slac.stanford.edu


Sidney Drell
Bette-Jane Ferandin
Karen Hernandez
Yvonne Kennedy
P.A. Moore
Charles Prescott, Chairman
John Rees, Chairman
Nina Stolar

Nina Stolar
31 Jan 2000